Friday, 28 September 2007

Monkee Maker's spreading influence.

M.M. put a call out the other week for memes based on these headings. I thoroughly enjoyed hers and thought about mine a little. But tonight I was looking at LucyLocket's page and she has also taken up the challenge then thrown it out to the world so..... here goes.

Four jobs I've had ......



office jockey


Four places I've lived ......

Geneva, Switzerland

Meath, Ireland

Ballarat, Australia

Stoke Newington, London.

Four places I've been on holiday .......

Tasmania (bleaugh!)

Hayle, Cornwall


Blue Mountains, Australia

Four favourite foods .......

sweet, but crunchy, juicy apples

chilli (steeped for several hours with just a square of dark chocolate cooked in - no really, try it!)

roast pork with roast potatoes,pumpkin,onion and carrots.

something I haven't cooked or have to wash up afterwards but not restaurant food.

Four places I would rather be right now .......

In that blissful state btn sleep and wakefulness.

Asleep in a freshly made bed. Mmmm, clean, pressed cotton bed linen.

Walking my dogs on a hillside around here somewhere.

At painting class working on something Granny didn't choose.

So feel free to take up the baton and post about yourselves.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

oooh! I really am quite clever!

I went to painting last night. Have I mentioned before that I quite like painting? It was a 'bring your snail to paint' session (best method I've found for making them scarce in my garden yet) however I had painted mine on the weekend to give to the 'Venerable Joe Hashman'. So, what to take? Hmmmm, think, think, think.

Then the brainwave struck.

There was an eight drawered stack sitting in my little 'green' house looking for something to cover its nakedness.

So I did.

But I felt it needed more. Surely a whole stack of drawers painted in DecoArt Cool Neutral was a tad underdressed. I mean, there was not a dot, sparkle or very colourful area to be seen. This probably wouldn't fit in terribly well with anything else that lives in my house (how do you think she got the name 'Princess CurlyWurly')?

Inspiration struck!

Happy me!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


WAIL! Gnash teeth. (grrr, grind, shnnnsh) Rent clothing. Daub mud in hair! (snfghllz!)

Well, almost. Nearly a week since the lists went out for the ISE5 and I haven't heard from my spoiler yet! Am I forgotten? Did they get a better offer? Were the responses on my questionnaire just too difficult?

I s'pose the hostessessesses did say there was to be no panicking until Wed., and while it is Wednesday here in (for now) sunny Blighty it is only at the very start. So of course my American co-knittees are still in bed.

But wait! What if the spoiler is from the Southern Hemisphere?! OH NO!

WAIL! Gnash teeth. (grrr, grind, shnnnsh) Rent clothing. Daub mud in hair! (snfghllz!)

Monday, 24 September 2007

This was fun.

Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the questions. Your answers must be real places, things, names... nothing made up. If you can't think of anything, skip the question. You can't use your name for the boy's/girl's name question. If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, you can't use my answers.

Tony Bennett


The high street








Theatre Usher




Triple Jump





Thing from the Fantastic Four.

If you're reading this you're tagged, leave me a comment here so I can read your answers!!

Blurry knitting update

Remember how cocky I was about the scarf for my gorgeous tropical niece? Yeah. I frogged it this morning. All the way down to the end.

After 700 hours of knitting it had only reached about 13", hardly enough for a scarf. Plus the pattern kept eating stitches. No seriously, I cast 38 stitches onto 3.5mm needles and had to keep adding one every 10 rows. By the time I had had enough there was only 32 stitches on the needle!

So now it is back to plain old garter stitch on 8mm needles and I'm already up to the same length again. My plan is to finish it off and then add a flower to make it a little prettier. Will post photies soon.

My other sort of monkeys.

These are the kind that refuse to settle in the knitting bag, even under serious threat!

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Sunday, 23 September 2007

This is me. What colour are you?

You Are a Red Crayon

Your world is colored with bright, vivid, wild colors.
You have a deep, complex personality - and you are always expressing something about yourself.
Bold and dominant, you are a natural leader. You have an energy that is intense... and sometimes overwhelming.
Your reaction to everything tends to be strong. You are the master of love-hate relationships.

Your color wheel opposite is green. Green people are way too mellow to understand what drives your energy.

Hmm.... perhaps not EVERYTHING!

You see how the strapline in the header reads 'Trash can do anything'? Well, last night I discovered I am a rubbish matchmaker! I tried my best but not only was I distinctly lacking in subtlety but she went home without any promise of future contact with the nice young man. Deep breath, big sigh and gentle headshake as do not wish head to explode from upsetting hangover.

But on a knitting front.... I have a success (if unfinished yet) in creating a scarf for the 13 y.o. tropical niece. Apparently she likes purple but Cashsoft? Their purple is better suited to small babies who have no choice in wearing it or little old ladies who wish to wear colours they smell of. Think Yardley's Lavender.

The pattern is adapted from one out of 'Quick Knitted Gifts' (I think title is right) and is a simple lace row interspersed btn garter stitch. They said use Kid Silk Haze but I don't love it so... I used a lovely Sirdar Acrylic Wool(30/70%)mix. The shade of purple makes me think of crushed blueberries and blackberries. I'm thinking with her snow blond hair and tropical tan it will make my gorgeous niece even beautifuller.

Update: The book is called 'Last Minute Gifts'. I came across a link to it on the Angry Chicken' Blog.

Thursday, 20 September 2007

knitting, knitting, knitting.

Wow! What a day of k-nitticating it has been today! After much saga, many tears and an awful lot of ripping out I have completed the first hat for the tropical girls due to arrive in Nov.

I tried with the fuzzy Rowan wool, honest I did but for some reason it didn't like the intarsia sparkle and the poor old Cashsoft sitting quietly at the back was almost in tears so I thought sod it!

I ripped the whole thing out all the way to the very end. I just kept on going past the ribbing this time until I was hidden by a mass of curly pink fuzzy string. With a little bit of glitz. And a fraction of sensibly clad Cashsoft. So I cast on 114 stitches in lime green Cashsoft and after just a few hours labour I have a gorgeous little hat. Yay ME!

See,then I got cocky and while babyman was at swimming tonight I cast on some violet Donegal Tweed yarn to make a grown-up looking hat for my vet s-i-l. Of course I have since ripped it three times, think it may be too scratchy for a scarf.

However my best and favourite is that I received my invite to the fifth international scarf exchange b/c I have to say I do love a good scarf.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

My wandering baby.

Bear with me - this debrief may be long.

Like many parents in the UK (the Western World I guess) we have a busy afterschool schedule. Not manic, but it requires a little bit of juggling to ensure everyone gets to where they neeed to be at the right time and still get the work kids fed and or watered before their grown-up comes to collect them. So I have an agreement with another juggling mother on Princess CurlyWurly's ballet night - she takes, I pick up. It has gone without hitch for over twelve months. Until last night.

It was my babyman's birthday recently and Monday he received a Smiths giftcard from a surrogate granma. Have you seen them? Kind of like a credit card but his had Tigger on the front plus ten pounds to spend. A whole ten pounds just for him - loads of dosh when you are just six! Believe me it was burning a hole in his pocket so on return from school yesterday we had to go down to the High Street.

We bumped into one of my 'borrowed' mums who asked why Princess CurlyWurly was heading back into school with her car seat? My blood drained to my feet and I frogmarched babyman and a borrowed three y.o. straight back to the car.

Screeched to a halt in the school drive (a BIG no-no), grabbed the first teacher I saw and asked if she had seen my princess. As the teacher hadn't I raced through to the far end calling for her. Not sure but I may have disturbed their staff meeting :-#

Got back in the car and zoomed up the lower of the three streets that make up dear old Dinglebury thinking she may have headed into the park. Half way up the road I saw her walking with the Actor Dad and his little girl. Still not sure where they had met her or quite what had happened I thanked him profusely and bundled her up the hill to ballet. (I may never be rude about the Actor dad again - hmmm, nah!)

When we got there the other mother was waiting and looking somewhat concerned. So she should I thought. Took Princess CW in for her class and debriefed with the mother when we came out.

Transpires she thought she had waited long enough and so wended her way up the hill. I, on the other hand had parked twelve hundred miles up the road and had sent Pr. CW, complete with ballet kit and car seat back to the other mother's car. Nearly nine is time enough to start having responsibility she feels. Well at least the illusion of it b/c I turned my car around and drove past their meeting point. No sign of my girl in the 150 yds back between our vehicles plus I trailed other mother's car up the to the top of the hill. All well and good then I thought as I watched them turn into the street of ballet. Didn't think of them again until I saw 'borrowed mum'.

Now, the point of this long windedness approaches, what would you have done?
Gone without the child you were supposed to be collecting and assume she was safe?

Make your entire carful late and ensure somebody had care of your charge?

I would have been really cross with the other mother if Pr.CW was upset but she was her eternal pragmatic self. However by 21:00hrs I was ropeable, really, really cross. However, I try to focus on the fact that all is well that ends without the major saga and more emotional distress. But really - what would you have done?
Note that they worked it to their advantage - on request we had fishnchips for tea.

Monday, 17 September 2007

I cannot tell a lie......

... well actually I can. I have been particularly good at it in my time. There are some who may (so cruelly) suggest I am still quite adept. I digress.

I am having trouble working out how to get pictures into this blog. Plus those blurry monkeys still refuse to return my camera. I think they are still cross about the lack of extra headroom. So.. the picture of Cecilienhoff was available in my files and it was just too good an idea to pass up. However, I did take the picture myself. Surely this counts. Isn't that a redeeming feature? Guys? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Saturday, 15 September 2007

my knitting spot

Do you like it? I knit upstairs.

Laugh? I'm nearly crying!

Aaah Vicious Chicken! The world would be a much poorer place without your stunning intellect - of course it was the font colour. I can't believe it took me three nights and nearly three days to correct such a simple problem. And I was getting very cross too, esp. as I was unable to contact BloggerSupportHose. Imagine their faces when telling the bloggingly-challenged moron to "turn the power on!"

Monkee Maker - a secret blog! What a terrific idea, I may just revert to that.

But about the knitting .... I am trying to finish the hats for the tropical family who are arriving in about two months. The first one is all done and may fit my niece if the New Guinea Head Hunters get to her. My second hat has now been ripped back down to its band about two hundred times (really, no exaggeration). It is all my own fault. Having had success with the first heart pattern (which I followed religiously) I made up a pirate pattern to put on the front of the next one. It is driving me crazy. Am thinking I may give up intarsia all together.

Friday, 14 September 2007

Where have they all gone?

No. Really. There must currently be a convention taking place somewhere of all the magical creatures who operate the 'innernets' (cheers C.A.P.!). I cannot get this machine and its inner world to accept my inaugural post. Do you think they have something against monkeys?

I have something against weird people who, even when they are being unbeliveably rude and self-centred, still retain a (theoretically) polite voice. Last Wednesday en route to dropping the childer at school I parallel parked my car. Beautifully parallel parked my car. I deserve an award for this particular parking effort b/c it is a very narrow and curved piece of road on which I parked (have I mentioned it was parallel?).

As I drove down toward school I had noticed the old man in his yellow running shorts and white vest. He was jogging down one of the three roads that make up Dinglebury on the Hill. The low road if you will. 'Hmmm,'I thought to myself, 'hmmmm. He is an older gentleman to be out jogging at ten to nine, even on this sunny Summer morning. Especially when he is wearing so little.' So anyway ...... I parked my car (parallel/narrow curved road mind) and moved to extract a small child using the car door on the roadside. Peacably doing my job, lost in my own thoughts when this blurry* old man shouts at me - 'Madam you are in my way!'. I was staggered. Stunned. And quite perturbed that I am always the one the weirdies seem to find.

I must confess I did shout back at him. Just a little shout. But the killer is - this crazy man had cars piling up behind him and ones reversing away from in front of him! And I'm in his way!! Sheesh!

* Zimbabwean swear word. Not the old man being subject too some cosmic paintshop effect!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

The monkeys made me do it!

It's not that I want to but the monkeys kept me awake all night until I promised to get them access to free speech, clean air and more excess yarn over their heads. It gets crowded in the bottom of the knitting bag! I would show you a picture of my skinny-ass monkeys but I passed by their 'jolly ritzy haven' recently and had my camera nicked from about my person. When the guilty party repents I shall show post a picture of their collective blissspace.

I have just (well, two hours ago) returned from painting and learned a whole new skill or two - embossing, painting with alcohol ink and how to utilise rather cool gadgets/implements of torture. The best bit is I get to go back next week and use them to beautify a real live ugly cash box I have been meaning to paint for some years.