Monday, 17 September 2007

I cannot tell a lie......

... well actually I can. I have been particularly good at it in my time. There are some who may (so cruelly) suggest I am still quite adept. I digress.

I am having trouble working out how to get pictures into this blog. Plus those blurry monkeys still refuse to return my camera. I think they are still cross about the lack of extra headroom. So.. the picture of Cecilienhoff was available in my files and it was just too good an idea to pass up. However, I did take the picture myself. Surely this counts. Isn't that a redeeming feature? Guys? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


  1. Trashalou - what comment? I haven't removed any from my blog.

    I can't get my pc to go on-line at the moment so I'm borrowing RBD1's one - and getting in her way ..... but I'll investigate more when I can get back online!

  2. Hi,

    No, I've definitely not deleted any comments ...... are you sure it wasn't someone else who you may have upset??!

    (And enjoy the boy-free years with your little one while you can!)

  3. Hey, glad to see you've solved the ol' invisible text problem! I'm glad that my suggestion proved hlepful. I can't really take the credit though - it was T'Other Half's idea (the brains of the operation).

    Look forward to seeing some pics if you manage to get any posted,