Thursday, 20 September 2007

knitting, knitting, knitting.

Wow! What a day of k-nitticating it has been today! After much saga, many tears and an awful lot of ripping out I have completed the first hat for the tropical girls due to arrive in Nov.

I tried with the fuzzy Rowan wool, honest I did but for some reason it didn't like the intarsia sparkle and the poor old Cashsoft sitting quietly at the back was almost in tears so I thought sod it!

I ripped the whole thing out all the way to the very end. I just kept on going past the ribbing this time until I was hidden by a mass of curly pink fuzzy string. With a little bit of glitz. And a fraction of sensibly clad Cashsoft. So I cast on 114 stitches in lime green Cashsoft and after just a few hours labour I have a gorgeous little hat. Yay ME!

See,then I got cocky and while babyman was at swimming tonight I cast on some violet Donegal Tweed yarn to make a grown-up looking hat for my vet s-i-l. Of course I have since ripped it three times, think it may be too scratchy for a scarf.

However my best and favourite is that I received my invite to the fifth international scarf exchange b/c I have to say I do love a good scarf.

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  1. I had to LOL at your comment on P W for J to "get over herself and preach somewhere else" and now I'm LOL again at your fuzzy wool picture!