Friday, 28 September 2007

Monkee Maker's spreading influence.

M.M. put a call out the other week for memes based on these headings. I thoroughly enjoyed hers and thought about mine a little. But tonight I was looking at LucyLocket's page and she has also taken up the challenge then thrown it out to the world so..... here goes.

Four jobs I've had ......



office jockey


Four places I've lived ......

Geneva, Switzerland

Meath, Ireland

Ballarat, Australia

Stoke Newington, London.

Four places I've been on holiday .......

Tasmania (bleaugh!)

Hayle, Cornwall


Blue Mountains, Australia

Four favourite foods .......

sweet, but crunchy, juicy apples

chilli (steeped for several hours with just a square of dark chocolate cooked in - no really, try it!)

roast pork with roast potatoes,pumpkin,onion and carrots.

something I haven't cooked or have to wash up afterwards but not restaurant food.

Four places I would rather be right now .......

In that blissful state btn sleep and wakefulness.

Asleep in a freshly made bed. Mmmm, clean, pressed cotton bed linen.

Walking my dogs on a hillside around here somewhere.

At painting class working on something Granny didn't choose.

So feel free to take up the baton and post about yourselves.


  1. MMs a bad lot you know! Spreading things around like this! Just checking blogs before going to bed - reading a great book at the moment so I hope I don't fall asleep straight away! Good fun reading all your four things. Looking forward to seeing who picks up the baton from you! Lucy x
    P.S. hubby has just made the bed with freshly washed sheets (while I'm here blogging) so in about 2 minutes I will be in a freshly made bed reading my really great book - bliss! (except for the snoring)

  2. Hmmm, when I saw the title of this post I thought it was going to say "Monkee Makers spreading backside" and was quite relieved that it didn't! I didn't start this meme though - heaven forbid!

    Nice list; I'm with you on the clean sheets ..... not literally you understand ..... and that marvellous drifting into sleep (not so keen on the drag back to wakefulness though)