Monday, 29 October 2007

Guess what? I've been on holidays!

We had a lot of fun with this sign. Waiting at the airport arrivals Princess C-W and I had several little old ladies get all excited when they spotted it. Several times we had to say 'Sorry, wrong Granma'.

Afterwards we realised we should have done a poll and taken home the one offering the best presents. D'oh!!

(don't you love the skirt Pr.C-W is wearing? It's part of a set I wore as a little girl - it was my very poshest outfit ever. My sister had a matching one but I think hers had purple ribbon.)

With Granma's visit coinciding with half term up here on the hill we thought we would go visit family in Dublin.

(not that Molly Malone is family)

Just imagine! My children don't know the song 'Molly Malone'!! I thought it was mandatory and ingested with mother's ruin milk around the world. So Mum and I sang our way around Dublin (we know far too many Irish songs, some not singable dep. on your politics) and even went all the way out to Dun Laoghaire to watch the ferry go out.

Of course, it wouldn't be my life without a few minor sagas. Fabulous hotel but crap service attitude. Crazy one way systems around the city (just ask my kids, they think it hysterical we had to ask the gardai for directions and it still took over an hour to find the hotel). Did I mention the hotel is beside the US embassy? We were convinced one desk clerk was a Russian spy; Miklos did nothing but look shifty and occasionally validate parking tickets.

We also visited my Dad's two remaining brothers. Not together though. One lives out on the Southside of Dublin, very swish and luxurious. The other lives out in the heart of rural Ireland, literally in the middle of the Bord Failte's jewel of its historical crown main. Go Google Newgrange. Honest it is worth it.

This is the view from down near Jack's place

The kids and I tried scrumping a few apples. Then the professional took over.

This is the farm my Dad grew up on. He probably even had apples from these trees. I love being with Jack because it is how I imagine my dad would look like now. Plus just listening to him talk makes me laugh. Pr. C-W and Babyman admitted during the (unintentional) nightime tour round the less salubrious parts of Dublin that they hadn't actually understood much of what he had said to them throughout the day. But they thought he was great and Uncle Chris was pretty fabulous too. Both assure me it is nothing to do with them coming out of this trip 80 euros in profit!!!!

Sadly reality looms now and my working day starts early four days a week from tomorrow so I am off to bed for the requisite rest.

I've just been on holiday with my mum and my kids and I had fun!


  1. Glad you all had a lovely time Trashalou! Your littlies look lovely and the banner is brill. My husband's grandparents were from Ireland and it's a place I'd love to go. Good to have you back! Lucy x

  2. OOoohhh you make me want to go there again (I swore that I never would because it has changed SO much since I was there 15 *gasp!* years ago.)

    Did you happen to run into Catherine McAuley whilst in Dublin? She was the foundress (c. 1831) of the Sisters of Mercy which is the order that I work for. They still own the house she built to give shelter for poor women and children - it's on Baggot Street.

    *just a bit of a history lesson to help you ease back into your work week*

    ps: I'll send a note to the CIA so they know to keep a close eye on Miklos.

  3. Glad you had a great time and I'm loving the idea for picking out grand-parents depending on the size of the gifts - brilliant!