Thursday, 8 November 2007

100 ways to drive a tutor crrrrrrrrrazy! Part One

Primarily the thing is to not do what they want.

That would definitely have to make it into my top ten.

Yesterday Mum and I had a playing day at the very fabulous fabric warehouse just down the road from here. Weeks before her plane even landed I had booked us in for this day of making, mocking and mayhem. Being a not unreasonable kind of daughter (unlike that other one!) I even gave her a choice - 'Christmas in a bag', making four different sized quilted bags from Christmas fabric or a silk/velvet scarf. Completely of her own volition we ended up doing the scarf.

The woman in charge - let's call her Jenny - was about 752 and passionate about the beautiful velvets and silks she had brought along. However she was also very bossy in the most passive/aggressive kind of way. And me not following the pattern she had identified for us. Strips equal on both side, I didn't really do it that way! I liked the idea of going light to dark. See what you think!



  1. Light to dark best deffo! So what happened next?????

    Word verif today is "wacik dnj" - wot's that sposed to mean then?

  2. Go you and your anarchic breaking of the rules!!

  3. Hi there ... just spent a happy while perusing your blog whilst I munched on breakfast. Hope you don't mind if I bookmark and come back again?

    Keep up the good work :-)