Friday, 2 November 2007

I'm off to Cardiff!

Gratuitous photo of wool

Sylv and I are sitting here on the couch watching rubbish telly kind of a little disheartened. For the last few weeks we have been planning to go up to the American Museum at Claverton Down and look at the wonderous antique quilts there. But they are closed now until the sun comes out again (sadly nobody warned them about today's weather).

CK has been tapping away on the laptop being very industrious (this is a new and unusual sidline for him!). Lovely man has taken pity on our disappointment and found out about the Cardiff Stitch and Craft so ....... we are off to Cardiff International Arena tomorrow!

Will give details on return.


  1. that IS a lovely man! be careful of the roundabouts in cardiff...aparently they have some magical ones there! :) but...if you run around for a bit whilst there...they might give you a shiny, shiny thing! woohoo!

  2. Careful with the full-frontal wool photos. You should always leave a little something to the imagination.

    BTW: I always write with a Thesaurus by my side. You never know when you might need to hit a pretentious word over the head with it!