Friday, 14 December 2007

Oh, so much fun to be had at Christmas!

I have been playing on Ravelry for the first time in ages today and oh! oh! oh! it is too cool for school! (Okay so that makes me very uncool just using that phrase but keep with me it is worth it.)

Just on the first page that metaphorically says 'this is like a cross between Hamely's, Harrods and Mall of America' there is so much fun stuff to see. If any of you fancy spending five minutes of your life having a hoot of a time then I suggest you go and have a look here -

Princess C-W kept asking if it were possible would I buy the product she had created? Being a lovely, facilitating kind of mother I said that under no circumstances would I pay money for such an object and she would thank me for it later in her life. Her father on the other hand said he would buy it for her for next Christmas and make her wear it to school!

Do you have a stash?

Are you regularly encouraged to stand forward and say
'My name is Trasha. L and I am a fibre addict.' ?

Well now is your chance to prove to those concerned faces in your life that you are simply enjoying specialist artist materials and in
no way have a problem.
Because unless you have given over your entire house
and then built extra rooms you really are just a beginner.


  1. Ha! I've bookmarked the seater place - the kids can make themselves some disgusting things on that!

    As for that woman's stash of yarn ... :-O It makes me feel quite virtuous about my four plastic tubs of fabric :-D x

  2. I can't believe that yarn stash... it makes me realize she has better selection than my LYS! Holy moly!

  3. Ah yes. I've just created myself the perfect seasonal cardi. Lovely. Now I just have to knuckle down and knit it. Thanks for the link.