Friday, 18 January 2008

Picky Tea.

It needed to be done straight away.

Picky tea is a CK invention and has, I think, been different in its execution to the concept but nye, what are you going to do?

Unless I have an active hand in the occasion it is a yellow meal - bread, crisps, sweetcorn, butter, cheese, potatoes, sausage rolls, eggs - you get the picture, right? But on my shift we add peppers, peas, grapes, yogurts, gherkins, apples and whatever I else I can find that will undermine CK's plan to turn his children into starch/carbohydrate addicts.

Once the varied and many constituent parts have been assembled they are laid out on the table on platters or little dishes and you pick out the stuff you would like to eat. For some it means loading your plate up until it threatens to throw itself into a dog's mouth to stop any more being added. For others it is nibbling away for six years on one crisp or the nasty horrible plastic stringy cheese your father has been conned into buying.

This Friday night festivity has become even more fun since Christmas because we gave CK a 'lazy susan'. Who knew what joy could be gained from introducing an element of Russian Roulette to a meal? Taking said 'lazy susan' and *ahem, blushing slightly says* 13 or 14 of these (I mean the ramekins not the puddings - that wouldbe shameful.) gently spin the 'lazy susan' until it stops in front of a small child and they have to eat whatever is in the pot closest to them. Great hilarity ensues as said child is forced to eat such poisons as cherry tomato pieces (pieces!) or peanuts. With much gurning, eye-rolling and sound effects the theatrics must be seen to be believed. Once I am allowed to have my birthday present I will have pics.


  1. Sounds fabulous - especially the russian roulette part! Cruel parents!!! Lucy x

  2. Hahahahaha - I really enjoyed reading your post, and can just imagine the teatime whirly goings-on. My smallest small is the pickiest eater in the world - drives me nuts! x

  3. Our version of that meal is called mish mash and it's a firm favourite at Moogsville.
    I'm liking the Russian roulette twist and will now be browsing for a lazy Susan - although my two are shamefully good eaters and would cheer if cherry tomatoes or raw pepper landed in front of them!!!

    Lazy Lesley xxx