Tuesday, 4 March 2008

*ACK!!* Emergency, emergency!!

Despite having known about it for some weeks I have not yet prepared Princess C-Dub's costume for World Book Day on Thursday. Any hints on whipping up an outfit for a 1st century B.C. Chinese girl with an affinity for dragons and a place at the Emperor's court?


  1. Satin-y/shiny little top - mandarin collar, etc. Long plait down her back. Neat sampan hat made of thick card? Good luck! x

  2. I'll second Kitty's fab suggestion as my mind is,as ever, totally blank!!


  3. No idea, mine just goes as Harry Potter every year, hates dressing up. I did try to do him up as a card from Alice one year ... total disaster!

  4. Umm... According to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_silk
    silk wasn't used until the 27th century BC

    Not to make things more difficult or anything...

  5. Sorry - no ideas at all - although actually I do remember some of the children in my school wearing very authentic looking pyjamas their parents had got from a Chinese supermarket - I hadn't been that clever!