Thursday, 6 March 2008

wedding music

Missus Moogsmum is having a wedding anniversary today - nine not out - good job the Mooggrown-ups!

And she posted a link to the music they had at their wedding - lovely bit of Dancing Queen going on and who doesn't love Abba?

CK and I got married under a tree so all we had was birdsong and shouting tourists but what I had wanted to get married to was this.

Mind you, I also wanted to power tools on our wedding list!


  1. Trash, regarding previous post. I bow down before you - you are mother of the year!

  2. Ooooh thanks for the mention!!

    Lovely b***dy idiot husband presented me with a well chosen card this morning. A very pretty picture of a bottle of wine and two sparkly glasses on the front with this sentiment 'On Your Anniversary'(your?) and inside?
    'With love to you both'!!!
    I gently asked why the 'both' and had he not bothered to read it before buying?
    His reply?
    'The bottle of wine thing was really apt and besides it's for both you and your alter ego 'Moogsmum''.
    Not bad seeing as he was cornered ;)

    Love your choice of wedding music!!


    p.s. word verif KYRYAAA - I'll be singing that all day now!!

  3. Trashy, you are just not right in the head! : )

    That having been said, I second your nomination for Mother of the Year!!!