Friday, 9 May 2008

Talk about family dynamics!!!

I took some triffic sunsets photies the other night

and posted some off to various family members 'back home' to show a 'typical English sunset' (as CK regularly puts it).

My tropical brother responded with
'Did you get that off the net? Can't see the fog!!!

Here's one from Hamilton Is - Damn, I think yours looks better. It's the view
from the apartment we were staying in.'

Being a rather generous younger sister I immediately dashed off an email agreeing with him wholeheartedly!

This morning I logged on to see my mother had entered the fray. She wrote

'Our contribution to the sunset debate.'

Curses! She has won outright!!


  1. Well I definitely would have put yours in first place............. until I saw your mother's!!!! Sorry she clearly wins this one!


  2. Oh my word - that photo of your mother's is stunning! Though I'd put yours in second place, ahead of your brother :-D x

  3. That last pic is stunning ( from where ? ).
    Hamilton Is definitely comes in last..


  4. Yours had first place for me but I have to say your Mum stole the victory!
    That's an amazing sunset (did she use camera trickery?) :)


  5. aw maaaaaaaaaaan! that's MOMS for ya...always thinkin' they are *right*...and what makes it EVEN WORSE...a lotta times they are correct! :)

    (your photo IS absolutely gorgeous...and apparently all those gorgeous show-offy red bits are a sign of pollution...) (somehow, re-reading that, the last bit sounds LESS comforting than i intended...sorry)

  6. Yes mum wins..... we took the kids back to England to see Tony's grandmother a few years back. She was an amazing women she was 101 when she died last year(I think the cold preserves them). She said every day to the children if the sun would just burn those clouds away it would be a lovely day we still laugh about it.