Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Did I forget something?

Let me start by saying it wasn't deliberate. Not to begin with anyway. I tried to upload the picture but there was some kind of hissy fit happening with Burt and Harry, the two fellas who pedal the bikes that power Blogger. Perhaps they were just cross that the Tour de France is over and this year an American didn't win.

Then I kind of got fed up with hunting for a picture that makes me look like the size ten willowy blonde with size 34 (European sizing, work with me)I know I am, instead of being the size 34 brunette with size ten feet who appears in my mirror. So when I find the perfect picture I shall put it on this page - somewhere. Maybe.

I have just been playing in some of my favourite spots and it would seem the divine Lauren is having a 'See just how clever I am' giveaway. In the last twelve months she has created these amazing and fabulous books to showcase her magical abilities. I stand in awe. People who papercraft are even more clever than you people who sew fearlessly. And how generous is her blog candy prize pool. So go on over there and enjoy the cleverness and tell her I sent you. It won't get me any extra points, chances or ice creams but I will LOOOOVE the namecheck!

You know we have TGTH looming rapidly? Finally we booked tickets the other week and I was so relieved to actually get some (we were down to the last four on one flight) I didn't take much notice of the timings other than the departure dates and times for either end. The confirmation came through the next day, which is when I suddenly realised that we were in for a TWELVE hour stopover in Singapore. And I will be doing it a la solo parent (CK comes home before us). Survivable you would think except that our twelve hours runs from 2100 to 0900!!!!!!!

So I was thinking that taxiing and getting into the terminal will take a good half/three-quarters of an hour - superb! That leaves us only 10 and a half hours to fill. Well then I figured getting ready to head to the boarding gate would take another 20 minutes/half an hour which took me to ten hours even.

10 hours with an exhausted and ratty pair of big children. They will be ten and seven by then and will have spent the entire previous month racing around madly with their cousins - my boy will have played sport non-stop and Pr C-Dub will have read every book written suitable for her age bracket, those younger and everyone older! So how to keep us all sane and ready to face the loooooooong leg of the flight home. I was just pondering this very thought when I lurked over to see my SITSers, lo and behold they had my answer waiting in front of me. This needs to come live here.

Can you just imagine how perfect this would be to while away the hours until we can hop inside another giant metal tin can and be propelled through the air at gazillionty twelve miles per hour home to the other side of the world? I can see my terences transforming into angelic babies delighting in sharing the headphones as they listen to the weird, eclectic music their father has introduced them to. (As I type they are singing a medley of The Kinks - 'Lola', Elton John - 'Tiny Dancer' and Survivor's 'Eye of the Tiger'.) If nothing else it would keep me smiling as the good employees at Changi Airport tried to figure out these strange Western children


  1. I vote for your bolggy friends takingup a collection to fund a hotel room. Surely this is the only way to Save the Children (All was wll until I got to the last song on your list: no one should be subjected to Eye of the Tiger. For any reason. Ever.)


    *claps hands over ears and runs from the room in a failed attempt to get visions of Rocky-and-Apollo-Creed-training-for-THE-fight montage out of her head*

  2. You see?! I'm so far out of the Eye of the Tiger that I can't even type/spell!

  3. But I like my 'bolggy friends'!! You guys are alright too though.

  4. If Clara had typed "Bulgy" friends she would have got me down to a T!

    Anyway, what's so wrong with eye of the tiger I wonder? It was the first single I owned - because my bigger brother bought it for me for a birthday present because he wanted it.

    12 hours in an airport? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhh!!

    P.S. Word verif today is mhuhmpk
    which clearly applies to your Singapore situation - mutha must pack

  5. Any chance they could both learn to crochet by then? You'd have a blanket done between you by the time you board the plane home!!

    Second thoughts - the Ipod is a much safer bet!


  6. Hmmmmm, 2 kids in an airport for that long? Oh my. Puzzle books? The iPod Nano is a new introduction to the Wrinkle household. You could, however, get at least two smaller mp3 players (iPod shuffles or similar) for much less than one Nano, and put something suitable for each child on their own? Audio books? Music? etc.


  7. welllllll...being another of your BULGY-ER bloggy friends...i was gonna say "hotel room" as well... :)

    ta v much for mentioning my little giveaway! (i think i'm gonna re-name it, as well!!!!) ...btw, i'd have to say that sewing fearlessly is WAY harder than papercrafting of any description! but that might be WHY i do papercrafting instead of sewing...

    ps: i LITERALLY laughed outloud at the bit about your laundry situation beginning to resemble dirk's fridge. if it starts THROBBING...ruuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnn!!! :) :) :)

    pss: DGHDA is my all-time favorite douglas adams novel...and perhaps my favorite book of all time!

  8. Twelve hours in an airport without kids is bad enough... drugs???

  9. Oh I'm with Gina....drugs are the way to go.

  10. all that time in an airport, alcohol is the solution, and lots of it! maybe not for the children tho!


  11. LOL! about the music medley. I have to say that the drug laws are different there and that could be in your favor LOL!! I don't know that I would survive 12 hours in an airport let alone with 2 kids.

    I agree with Laren Dirk Gently is some of Douglas Adams best stuff.