Thursday, 31 July 2008

Limitless gratitude..

Let me start with a HUGE thank you to whichever ginger monkey or friend pulled my name out of the magic pyrex bowl and landed me the 'I don't know what to send' prize from 'I'm a Ginger Monkey's' 100th post celebration.

Now, look what Smiley Carol brought me (ably modelled by Babyman)!

That fabulous pincushion we all knew to expect adorned with the teeniest headed pins ever PLUS a bag of fudge CK grabbed (I bravely fought him for it). Then a most handsomely dressed spoon doll (I am completely stealing that idea - where did the wooden spoons come from??) How lani is that orange ribbon. The rather divine linen brooch flower has pride of place on my Gilmore Girls shopping bag which goes everywhere with me. *sigh* Such talent.

Thank you Casa Del Monkey :-)


  1. Wow what lovely things. What a lucky person you are!

    Copper Boom to the bag!

  2. Yummy treasures from the Ginger Monkeys. I'm seriously coveting that pincushion!!


  3. Woohoo! Lovely goodies there Trashy! Locket xxx

  4. Gorgeous monkey goods there - what a magic pincushion. Lucky Trash!