Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Raiders of THE BOX update

THE BOX of fabulousness has landed at (and left too I think) its first destination. As it wings its way onto the next home let's just outline some sort of game structure.

1. There is a pre-ordained running order for receiving THE BOX. This is known only to me. You only find out who you are sending on to once you open THE BOX! (I liked that little bit - keeps an element of mystery about the whole thing.)

2. When you have your three chosen items/objects/ pieces of creative divineness you may post pictures of them. You do not have to but then we, The Fellowship of THE BOX, may just jam your blog comments and email inbox with howls of 'Let us see!'

Or not.

3. I love that box the contents of THE BOX is contained in. It is so purty it makes me smile.

Also - I snuggled with Baby Will today. He is teeny!


  1. Oh hooray for baby Will - so glad he's well enough to snuggle with. I can't remember the last time I held a teeny tiddler :-(

    Thanks for the box clarification - some of us needed it :-D Can't wait for it to land in my parts (so to speak).


  2. Getting very excited about the BOX!
    Lucky you having a snuggle with baby Will - and so good to hear he's doing well.

  3. Is it my turn it????

    I can't wait for 'the box' to get here!!

    How lovely to have a snuggle with the little chap. I'm so glad he's doing well :)


  4. Note to T: were you asking about the top secret axe weilding favor? If so, I answer with a resounding YES!!! I am slaving away and will update you the moment it is ready.

    ps: we should be hearing another "squeeeee" by the end of the day!

  5. Hurrah for Will and baby snuggling!

    Can't wait for The BOX to arrive here! Poor postie is taking on a hunted look already ...

  6. The box sounds like such a great idea. Love your glossary of terms, too!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to pop over, browse around and comment on my posts. I look forward to returning and looking around. :)

  7. So many posts to catch up on Trashy - I didn't know where to leave my comment but I decided against the one with the scary dog incase it bit my fingers off while I was typing.

    So here are my comments:

    I'm a scruff with zero dress sense and one day I will be an old scruff with zero dress sense but will anyone notice the difference?

    Can't wait for the box to arrive chez Locket.

    I'd be terrified of holding a teeny tiddler like Will - but I bet he was cute!

    Scary scooter folk in your neck of the woods by the sound of it!

    If I missed any key points then huge apologies but my brain has gone to mush lately.

    Locket xx