Saturday, 20 September 2008

Evil sister-in-law comes good.

I was a good mother this week past. He needed a new bag for his football kit he told me, what with the new term and getting shin pads and gloves for his birthday and all. So after school last Thursday we raided the airing cupboard to find something suitable.

And you won't believe what I found!

This is an old duvet my evil s-i-l got Sylv to cut down from double to single some many lots of years ago. I have been carting it around the world with me all that time because I loved the material, both the fabric and the pattern.

This evil s-i-l has always only 'bought the best' but (and obviously this will probably only make sense to Australians sorry) .....

what proves just how old this is?

They haven't been in Collingwood for years!

After unearthing the duvet offcut I kept digging and OH! MY! STARS! I found my first ever quilt.

(You get an idea of scale from Pr. C-W and DestructoBoy on either side.)

Well, the top and the back of it but they are sadly unlinked. I think I may go to my local group of quilty old ladies.

Yes those are badgers on the back. There is a reason, I won't bore you with why.

The front is a 5x5 nine square patch and the fabrics scream 'Trash Can circa 1990'. Quite honestly I wouldn't choose them now but I know I loved that green back them. And the blue floral too. One of the reasons it was so long being finished (the top was completed in 1993) was tracking down that blue. Not a place in Melbourne could furnish me with any. I ended up tracking some down in Glenrowan or somewhere up there when CK was over for his first Aus trip.

Something else to add to my 'must finish one day' list.


  1. ... from Collingwood and Made in Australia (is anything made in Australia anymore?).

    Glad you carted it around the world with you.

    Have to say I've been a manchester snob in a past life but by God those Country Road sheets/quilt covers etc last forever!

    Hope you left the tag on! Hah hee!

  2. love that blue gingham fabric, just gorgeous.
    if you want help doing your quilt just let me know, be glad to help you finish it.


  3. I can only assume E-S-I-L doesn't read your blog!!!!!

    Great bag and lovely quilt - snap up Maria's offer of help quick-sharp!

    Locket xxxx

  4. I love that check fabric too - I'd have kept it! I like the quilt - but I really want to know why there are badgers on the back. I won't be bored with the reason, honest I won't.


  5. now THAT is a quilt of magnificent proportions AND should definitely get said ladies to integrate the halves...those poor badgers have been lonely long enough!!! :)

    ps: you ho ho me hearty capn' blackham!!! and a belated happy ITLAP to ya! (arrrrrrrr!)

  6. Good gracious woman! That quilt looks big enough to be an American meal!!

    Badgering you to tell the badger story.

    Requesting a bag full of geek points - well deserved by ANY woman willing to put badgers on her quilt!

    ps: I am positive I heard Wonderwoman say that she would HAND quilt that bad-ass badger-riffic beauty for ya!

  7. I'm so jealous that you know how to quilt. I lack the patience and ambition to learn... I LOVE the badgers! No back story needed... they are just fab!

  8. Tell me about the badgers and I'll divulge about the butter muslin ;-)

    I love Babyman's new bag and you were so right to keep that fabric. I'd love to have a rummage in your airing cupboard if those are the sorts of goodies you come up with.

    I emailed my local old biddy's quilter's group last week and no-one's replied yet. They don't know what they're missing!!!!


  9. Now there's a trip down memory lane .... Country Road in Collingwood! I worked nearby and went to the closing-down sale where you could buy as many duvet covers, clothes and homewares as you could stuff into a black plastic bag ... and all for a song. I bought 6m of Thai silk (which eventually became my wedding dress) for $30!

    PS. I like your badgers!

  10. we did used to have Country Road here too but it closed several years ago. Too bad as I always liked it, and I still have a few Country Road skirts and tops in my closet.