Monday, 6 October 2008

The day in which I pass on the crown and also brag a little bit.

This collage contains some of the terrific things that have come into my life recently.

Some are quite old and have been rediscovered in the clean-out of my little green house. Some are brand new and now disappeared. Others lurk around my house.

Reading left to right:

Row 1. Eggs from the chooks chez Wonderwoman (not!) (we had the for tea that night), a collage (one of several) made from Halloween table confetti by Pr.C-W over the weekend, detail of the Christmas tray I painted 2 years back.

Row 2. The actual printed, really FOR SALE cards of my donkeys - I give you FrankenDonkey, Witchypoo Donkey and Ghostie Donkey.

Row 3. The side of a sewing box (only 2 sides painted! One day I will finish it!), long view of the Christmas tray, a Russian Doll donkey I was inspired to put on the other side of the bag I received in the R.D. swap.

Now for the crown passing on.

It has come to my attention today that perhaps I am not the only person involved with Blogger who has a following. One was by accident; I read a post by Katy over at 'Ginger Monkey'. Apparently she has nine!!! However Locket has taken great delight in pointing out to me that she too has a whole gang of followers. That truly was a cruel blow, I heard her cackling as she said it.

(I feel so pathetic now)

So Katy I bow low before you. I commit to you my Trashciples. Locket, I commit to you, well.... something.


  1. locket cackled at you? oh, that woman.

    How did we get the followers? They didn't exist until recently. I think I need to follow you....but how?....lemme go see if I can figure it out....

    (and the crown is most graciously accepted, until that locket comes along and SNATCHES it off my head)

  2. ROFL. At least you know who your are. I apparently have 16 people subscribed to PTC - I don't think I know 16 people!!

    and why aren't I on your list? The Trashcan's been in my google reader list for a good 12 months!!


  3. Did you know that the Donkey is a symbol representing the Democratic party here in the States? Republicans are represented by an elephant.

    (just a bit of trivia to get your day going)

  4. Ha ha!!! Evil-ly cackling to myself over here!!!

    Love your Russian-donkey and your cards too!

    Me xxx

  5. Well, what can I say.... some of us are followers, others are leaders!

    (I am a follower :oP)

  6. It's not the size of the following that's important ...

  7. That russian doll donkey made me laugh out loud - brilliant! And these cards for sale ... where are they for sale?

    I reckon Katy got all those Gingerciples after her stunning appearance in the bee costume. It still makes me laugh every time I think about it.


  8. Trashciples? Absolutely hilarious....I found you through SITS, btw.

  9. Sorry you didn't win m'dear :(

    The 3 Donkeymigo's are brilliant !!!

  10. i agree with dottiecookie - i'm thrilled that anyone reads what i prattle on about!
    glad the eggs went down well, so to speak!


  11. Let's win the crown for you...Calling out to all Trashcan readers, join the following and get the crown for Trashie!!

  12. Oh man - that means I have to find out how to become a true follower - can't let you fall behind Mrs Locket!!

    Fab donkey cards Mrs - are you doing any Christmas ones too?

    I love your Russian donkey!!

    Off to wander through your sidebar now.....what do you mean 'Shouldn't you be working?'.

    This blogging is purely medicinal - I'm not well enough to work today....sniff....

  13. Where can I actually buy these wonderful printed donkey cards then? I must have some!

  14. but WHERE OH WHERE, we ask ourselves, is the ever most beloved crop circle donkey??!?!?!? :) :) :)