Monday, 3 November 2008

Weekend work (fabric has been claimed :-)

It rained here this weekend.

And it was cold.

It was also extremely windy, especially just in front of the main door.

The childer were recovering from all the attendant excesses of a Halloween sleepover.

So CK made us all do boring old house stuff.

The airing cupboard has been begging for a sortout for some many months now. Once our guest had left on Saturday morning CK pulled everything out onto the floor with great relish then came downstairs and said I would have to go sort it all!

Poor old Princess C-W's bedroom was several metres under towels, bed linen, cot sheets, ancient cloth nappies, table linen and fabric. Lots of fabric.

For someone who doesn't sew it seems I have quite a stockpile of fabric - just in case.

Just in case I work out how to use my sewing machine.
Just in case there is ever a worldwide fabric shortage.
Just in case I ever have a need for some wide strips of plum coloured cord.

We bought 10 storage bins - 2x75 litre, 2x40 litre, 6x15 litre. The littles are fabulous for table linens, single duvet covers, 'in-case of'* duvet covers and pillowcases - one for them and one for us, everything all paired up and easy to hand.

The medium ones fit sheets and our duvet covers (kingsize so they needed some space) and then the big ones. One has a couple of duvets and the other? All 75 litres? Is full to the brim of fabric. All kinds, all sizes, all weights and colours. Among all the exciting stuff was a 2 metre piece of dove, grey heavy, slubby linen. How fantastic is that!

However I didn't keep all of it. A few scraps got thrown into the bin and then I put some into a bag because I thought you folks on the innernets may like to have a little nosey too.

There is just about everything in there - from cotton to fleece, fake fur to silk. Some bits are scrappy and others are over a metre long. If you are interested in a bag of scraps leave your name and you may join in the benificence of CK's weekend work :-)

*skanky old ones but good enough to keep 'in-case of' sicky bugs


  1. I would love to help some of your scraps find a home!

    April xx

  2. I daren't. You've seen my airing cupboard. It's embarrassingly full of fabric *blush*

    Way to go on the sorting though! x

  3. I'll play - if you're up for a trade...

  4. So tempting but given that I'm overflowing with fabric scraps of my own most of which I will probably never use and should really go into bags that I should give away... I'd better not join in!

  5. It's such a great feeling to have a beautifully sorted and tidied cupboard! (Isn't it???? Coz I wouldn't know!!!!!)

    I love the fact that CK pulled it all out and then got you to sort it! Clever man!

    Locket xxx

    P.S. Today's word verif = "ansight" - what my cupboards are!

  6. I'd love to say yes ....but I can't 'cos I've got 5 boxes just like that in my loft....and a chest of drawers full in the conservatory...with a growing pile next to it!!!


  7. Well my fabric stash is pitifully small, so yes please, I'd love to join in. Not sure what I'd do with it, but that's never stopped me before has it?!

  8. You are so funny! I always enjoy seeing your comments on Jodie's blog. How wise of you to be prepared in case or worldwide fabric shortage. ;>} I was recently the beneficiary of a neighbor's closet cleaning project when she gave me her fabric, so I'd best not even think about finding a place to put any more.
    (I'm not familiar with the term airing cupboard - is that the same as a closet?)

  9. you are a good, good woman, missus trashy. take two pics of d. craig outta petty cash!!! :)

    (my word veri is, "ADOOVI"; which, if said very verrrrry quickly with a mouthful of chocolate sounds a bit like "a duvet" doesn't it?! oooooooh spoookeeeeeeeee!)

  10. You really should learn to use your machine...with such an array of amazing scraps!

  11. This is a scrap friendly home! I'd love to introduce them to my own.

  12. This is a scrap scrap scrap collector. I love scraps and they love me. If, just if, you have any left I'd love to give some orphan crumbs/scraps a home.

    BTW you're lucky to even have an airing cupboard! I've got an armoire that is so full to bursting the doors won't shut!