Friday, 5 December 2008

More jugs!

Given that my jugs were soooooo well received (mmmf, snigger, snigger, snffl, snort. I said 'jugs') last time I thought you might like to see some more.

I bought this at Whittards back in the Summer when showing my-oldest-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world around our very historic, closest major town.

It isn't the favourite from my 'unintentional collection' - there are prettier ones but this makes me smile and it made me think of painting class. Plus it is big (comparatively speaking) and big is always good, right? ;-)


This is another Burleigh one.

This is a jug of love.


Does that sound soppy?

CK and I had a day out for my birthday this year, just us, no kids. He saw this in a little shop in Bath and thought I would like it. He was right :-)

During the last halfterm my mob went off to Cardiff to see the Dr. Who exhibition. I had to work and was unable to travel with them (I was so sad not to go ;-) and to make it up to me they bought me a little giftie.

I love the chalkiness of the exterior. I also love the green. This is not the most crisp photo but I left it unedited (unlike the others *ahem*) because it captures the colours so well.

I was very excited at that 'crazy Friday out' (or Country Living Fair as it is alternatively known) to meet the woman who makes these with her own fair hands. She seemed genuinely pleased to meet an owner of one of her pieces (although she may have just been a little slaphappy at the end of a long day on her C.L. stand) and it was lovely to speak with her.

Departure for TGTH draws ever closer and so my days become filled with EVEN more washing, sorting and packing however in the New Year I shall take some more photies of the 'unintentional collection' to share.


  1. Make sure when you do the TGTH and you're looking out over Bass Strait to Coo-ee me down here in Tassie!

  2. *clapping hands over mouth to resist urge to shout "SHOW US YOUR JUGS!"*

  3. Dammit! I'm much too late for the "Nice Jugs Missus" comment but I just couldn't get it out of my head so I had to do it anyway.


    How fabulous to be married to a man who nurtures and feeds your obsession. I must show this post to Simon in the hope that next time he's passing a wool shop he'll nip in for a little something for me. Fat chance!

    Happy washing, sorting and packing!


  4. Wow! Even nicer jugs today!!!!! Locket xx

  5. A lovely set of jugs. My favourite was the first one, with the cheerful flowers.

    I'm partial to a nice vase, but DH's reaction is more likely to be "haven't you got enough" then "here's another one for you".

  6. Ah but did you tell the Country living woman you thought SHE had nice jugs?

    I don't think you did - I was right there with you after all....but I may have caught you leering at them ....


  7. I love the "jug of love".... fun collection.

    (The picture of your son and the dog is so cute. Dogs have a way of making us feel so much better.)

    Have a nice weekend. Feel free to stop by my blog for a give-a-way! :D

  8. I love the Burleigh one. So pretty. I love collecting china mugs but having a 4 year old is not a good match :)

  9. I like the top one. It's so cheery.

  10. They are lovely jugs, that's for sure. Hi from SITS!

  11. A member of my family was nicknamed 'Jugs Bunny' because of her fine, er, figure. Perhaps you could earn the title for your fine collection. Love the simple design of the top one and that green one is really up my street. But then, the Burleigh one is gorge too. So many lovely jugs. Hmm, starting to sound slightly top shelf now so I'll leave it there.

  12. I love your jugs (even though I am old enough to know better, this sentence still makes me laugh)
    I have a thing about cake stands which are similar but less prone to double entendre.

  13. Should've added earlier - if you check my site in the next hour or so you'll see you've been tagged!