Thursday, 1 January 2009

holiday pictures 15/12 to 31/12 Part One

Reading top left corner across
1. 24/12 Princess Curly Wurly at the National Gallery of Victoria Water Wall.
2. 24/12 Princess Curly Wurly playing @ approx.7pm on ST. Kilda Beach.
3. 24/12 Pr. C-W & DestructoBoy at Luna Park, ST. Kilda. Beach.
4. 21/12 Two of the five BBQs in action during Sylv's party.
5. 24/12 Pr. C-W and D/boy 'under the clocks' on Christmas Eve (please note his apparel!).
6. 21/12 Sylv opening party presents with Pr.C-W observing.
7. 24/12 D/boy and young cousin with a desperate greeting!
8. 22/12 Photograph of family en masse.
9. 22/12 Pr.C-W all dressed up for professional pictures.
10. 22/12 All the grandchildren bundling in on Granma.
11. 16/12 D/boy all snuggled up about four hours into his sleep of sixteen.


  1. Your family en masse have inherited some horrible blurry illness. All fuzzy and indistinguishable! :-O

    Fab photos - thanks for sharing.


  2. Gorgeous blurry photos Trash!

    By the way, that beautiful girlie of yours has gone very very long of a sudden. Is there some sort of extra gravitational thing going on down under wot makes childers all tall and such?

    Or has it really been seven months since I last saw her - eek!


  3. Ooh the water wall at NGV! I would have thought that would have been shut down due to the drought. Shows you how observant I am of my own city.
    Looks like you are having a great trip (apart from the car breakdown of course).