Saturday, 24 January 2009

Stash increases NOT purchased. (actually posted on 25/01/09)

Not content with offering one of the door prizes during Stage One of the Trash and Treasure meet-up the rather lovely Ballarat Patchwork shop also played host to a free-for-all of ex-stash laid on by both Emma Scrapbag and Jodie Ric-Rac. The bits I managed to spot and liberate during my damaged windscreen brain fog are shown in the middle picture.

The top picture is the result of my raiding Ric-Rac's bag of scrap (I had to fight of one of those four wise monkeys but it was worth it ;-) I have actually begun to make scrappy log cabins out of these bits.

And the bottom one is another pic of the wonderful prize I got from Ballaarat Patchwork. Gorgeous fabric, non?


  1. Now they are some LOVELY fabrics! Why aren't you showing us the scrappy cabins? And should you really have been wrestling with a little monkey?

    P.S. Word verification is "caring" - that's what you'd be if you sent me some of the fabby fabrics in the top pic!

  2. Am I to believe it was one of the smaller wise monkeys, or the mother monkey? If it was a smaller monkey then I am horrified by your behaviour, Ms Trash, but if it was the mother monkey - fair play to you.

    Gorgeous fabric, oui.

    I'm having the beginnings of an international blogland stashbusting giveaway brainwave....

  3. Blimey - that Jodie has some yummy scraps! My scrap fabrics are nowhere near as delicious.

    Getting worried about you now - the blog is taking on a very crafty feel all of a sudden ;-)