Tuesday, 12 May 2009

crops in the lower 40

Have just stopped by the feedstore (read as kitchen windowsill) and got my first seed for the lower 40.

Yup, beetroot. Because there is nothing kids' like better than homegrown veg that makes your wee turn pink.

Unfortunately turns out CK still has to ride out and fix the fencing in the top half of that section of acreage so we have to hold back on drilling until we can be sure no varmints are gonna get in and ruin the crop. Turns out their (read as her) little legs can jump higher than anticipated.


  1. i'm tempted to say that varmints leaping into the lower 40 to devour *BEETROOT* is the best possible outcome to any beetroot-growing scenario...but apparently...you WANT TO EAT (???!?!?) the subsequent harvest. go figure.

  2. Now I'm all for eatin' beets, but actually dedicating 40 acres to the growing of them? There I must draw the line. Don't let me come back here to find that you've split the land to add a crop of rubarb - that might just be more than I can take!

    ps: we've got a mean crop of un-identified beans and authentic-from-Ireland shamrocks growing on the kitchen window sill if you want to really grow something!

  3. Oh Darn It! That there pesky WMK took my joke before I could say it! Mine was along the lines of "I'm not surprised they get pink wee if you make them eat 40 acres worth of beetroot!"

    Darn it!

    Locket x

  4. pink wee??? - get them drinking lots of orange juice - it comes out same colour, almost, as it went in!!!


  5. My mother tells a tale which she considers hilarious about giving me beetroot to eat as a baby, and ending up with a pink nappy. Personally, I think it's very unkind to make fun of my incontinence.

    Good luck with the beetroot!


  6. The lower 40 might need an electric fence.....

  7. I say there's nothing better than beetroot wine, which also makes your wee turn pink! x

  8. Beetroot? Eeeww. Revolting stuff. Even the thought of pink wee couldn't make any of us eat the stuff. I'm far happier with my radishes, lettuce and some pumpkins. Oh and a great many sunflowers too!

  9. Bettroot! Perfect choice... great in juices and FANTASTIC roasted. So so good.