Monday, 11 May 2009

Eye Spy Sunday - What I am reading now

Last night and today I have been reading this.

No? Makes no sense?

Are you sure?

Last night (Saturday if you are in the depths of the Sthn Hemisphere) I asked for help with a simple maths problem; ie how many 'posts' and 'panels' would I need to ensure the back was big enough to match up with the front of the travel/picnic blanket. Apparently we had to use THREE pieces of paper to get an answer.

Can you believe he was shocked that if I had been married to a non-maths genius I would have simply winged the whole thing?! Sometimes I am not entirely sure how we are still together ;-)

Plus..... I am quite excited to be the chooser for next week's Eye Spy Sunday theme and after much consideration I am going for 'Eye Spy......... green'.


  1. wish he'd been there to help me with the maths for my flag - you wouldn't think that making something half as big again would have taken me so long!!!
    p.s that is grease on the horse's legs - to help protect him if he should hit a big fence - slide over it!


  2. "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din!"

    (I'd have wiggled it and hoped no one was the wiser...)

  3. I've got a Maths degree and I'd still wing it! Can't be doing with all that working out!

  4. Sorry I don't speak "maths" but it looks impressive.

  5. Eeeek! I hope I don't ever have to work out anything thats so mathemtically complex, or I'm in serious trouble!

  6. This must be a new game I have stumbled onto . . .

  7. now see, *I* feel most grateful to young isabell...the muddy paw prints were the only bit i understood! :)

    (sadly...i am NOT entirely joking..."WING IT" is my middle name!!!)

  8. I was actually really good at maths at school, and now I'm terrible!! I think the maths part of my brain went on early retirement. You did really well.

    Mmmm... I spy green... going to have to think about that...