Friday, 15 May 2009

recent purchases

I seem to have had a few little fabric accidents recently ;-)

#1. bought this at a local little fabric shop just because it made me smile.

#2. CK sent me out to the BIG fabric shop on Saturday last week. I don't know why, I didn't ask. I just ran there very quickly. ;-) My goal was to find a match up for #3. I cannot express how difficult it was. Princess C-W was helping, a member of staff was helping, there was even a random stranger helping at one point! Much to the horror of the staff member I bought these fabrics. I actually like them mixed up with #3.

#3. Sock Monkey charm squares - loving the concept but so far the execution leaves me a little cold. The colours are so unlike anything outside of the 1970s but I am persevering. I think I am leaning toward a disappearing nine patch with these and #2.

#4. These are a selection of (mostly Amy Butler) fat quarters destined to become part of the fabled Fortnums quilt.


  1. Ohh, Ohh!! Me 2!!! Have to remember that one when I am discovered as having bought "MORE?!?!?!" Fabric! It Was an Accident! Honest Gov!!
    Hee, Hee!!!

  2. Hmmmmmm! I'm very good at having fabric purchasing accidents too! Lucy x

  3. you can never,ever, have too much fabric!!!
    am just thinking about going to our local store and possibly, who am i kidding, buying some more!!

  4. oh dear, I had a little shopping accident too. It's quite unsettling, isn't it?

    What do you think will happen when we venture out into the festival of quilts? I'm a little afraid to be honest....

  5. pootled over from Katy's blog... love the sock monkey fabric very cool.