Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nice things that have come to Trash Towers recently.

Had a text from Wonderwoman (not!) reminding me I hadn't taken my jam home when I left.

So I dropped back in to collect it just before lunchtime and I am sooooooooo glad I did.
Mmmmmyummmmy, homemade raspberry & loganberry jam on toasted bagels for lunch :-)

As it is the end of the school year ALL the artwork, notes and pieces of paper that have been lurking in the bottom of their drawers have turned up finally turned up at my house.

One of the things was a 'surreal' piece Pr. C-W did in art. Her father repeatedly plays them a very limited number of songs every weekend and 'Land Down Under' is one of them.

There is supposition the theme may have been somewhat loosely interpreted ;-) but I like what she has done. Everything flows across the page in a dreamlike manner.
Can you see The Sydney Opera House? The sun with boomerang rays? The Snowy Mountains with the river running down? A koala? Bush hat complete with corks? Boomerang? Didgeridoo? Ayers Rock? And how about that possum???

These images are my favourites.

And then today I got my firstest parcel from the Secret Swapper. OOooooooOOooooooo!
This gorgeous variegated 100% merino soft, softy yarn.
It has the wonderfullest name of 'Mint Julep'!
This was the first email exchange with my secret swap partner and, as usual, I threw in a 'gag' line about expensive jewellery.

Guess what was in my parcel?????? A MAHOOSIVE princess cut (I think) emerald.

How much fun is this?
It is meant to be a key ring but let me just say that as a big toe ring - it works ;-)

Dear lovely Secret Swappy person,

thank you for my parcel. I am loving it.



  1. Your girl has talent.

    And great good taste in what she chooses to draw!

  2. wow what an amazing swap partner!! I love the picture - it never ceases to amaze me what children come up with.
    so glad you liked the jam - it seems to be going very fast here so i am waiting for the next batch of strawbs to ripen so i can make some more!


  3. Princess C-Dub's picture is fabaroony! And I love your emerald!

    Locket xxx

  4. I read recently that the Queen had lost just such a mahoosive emerald as that one, so I'd lie low for a while if I were you...

  5. Oh my - you must have the sparklingliest toes on the hill!! What a fabulous jewel!

    Love that picture from Princess CW - worthy of a frame I think. Waiting with baited breath to see what works of art my two bring home today :)


  6. ok, so it turns out i now have TWO favorite artists who live in one house!!! c-dub!!!!!!!! holy moly that is the most awesome painting ♥EVER♥!!! have the australian tourism board put their bid in yet??! (it's just a matter of time!) truly, that is MAGNIFICENT!!! ♥

    ps: love the emerald...but how do ya get yer shoes on then??!

  7. WOW did you ever get an interesting secret pal package. Glad you are enjoying this round of swapping.
    Your hostess