Saturday, 7 November 2009


Have just finished and sewn up the lovely kidsilk haze hat for my girl. a beautiful slouch beret kind of thing. In a mid level blue. With cream stripes. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

It doesn't fit.

The band is too tight so I have opened it up.

The body of the hat is so mahoosive I think there may be enough room for all seven of us.

I am so pissed.


  1. Pah! I know what you mean! My one (recent) attempt at a beret was totally pants. Bleurgh. Probably just going to have to unpick it and I don't DO unpicking. But at least I'm now thanking my lucky stars that I didn't use Kidsilk Haze for it! Pesky thin sticky knotty stuff!!!

    Locket xxx

  2. P.S my word verification was "uncelia" - do you think Celia is a knitting goddess who'd never have a problem with her beret?

  3. O dear. That would drive you mad. And there really is nothing you can learnfrom something like this except never to sew again and that is not worth learning. Cherrie

  4. "Totally pants". Ha ha. I have no idea what it means but it sounds funny.

    Anyway, enough about previous commenters and back to you.

    Um... I've forgotten what i was going to say. Something sympathetic about projects that go wrong and are perfectly pants. (Hahahaha. 'pants'... can't get it out of my head.) (sorry)

  5. It just wasn't meant to be, frog the whole thing and turn it into something wonderful.

  6. I am confused...kniting sewing pants frogging...

    Hide it in the bottom of the UFO pile and never speak of it again -or impale it on a knitting needle and leave it in plain sight to scare all the other projects.

  7. bugga bugga bugga..
    dont you hate that!!!!


  8. mmm, give it a name.... 'hat thing' springs to mind... show it to all your friends and laugh hysterically at it!

    Just a suggestion ;-)

  9. Eurgh - I just hate it when that happens! Is it froggable?

    Have I just invented a new word?

    Moogs xxx

  10. Oh balls (of wool you understand).

  11. that such a shame and it was looking sooo good too!


  12. bugger... pants... frog... nothing more to add really!

  13. DUDE! *anyone* can knit a've cheaply & efficiently solved the homeless crisis just as winter is setting in, AND given a boon to the international yarn industry.

    (but yeah...booger...sorry...) ♥