Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Crafty knowledge and knowhow required for sharing.

Am trying to transfer some recent sketches to fabric. Have both aquapen AND airclear marker. It is dark. My lightbox has been stashed very safely somewhere in the house. And I hate drawing straight onto material.

Any clues?



  1. Carbon paper?

    Oh, now hang on, I think I transferred a stitchery once by tracing on the reverse of the picture with an embroidery transfer pencil then scribbling over the lines of drawing on the right side of the image directly onto fabric - I think I had to go over it again with a fabric marker pen as the lines were very faint but I seem to recall that worked. I did stitch the pictures somehow or other.

  2. Have you tried using the light box in your window frame. Of course, it might just be easier to find yours or borrow someone elses if the pattern is intricate as you can get quite a sore wrist doing it this way but it is very effective. Cherrie

  3. Pinprick the sketch and then draw over it with the marker, so it goes through to the fabric. Bit tedious ... it works ... but the other suggesti0ns above might be better!

  4. I usually use commercial graphite paper or dressmaker's marking paper for this sort of thing, but if it's not a terribly complicated sketch, there's always tracing it on the back with a regular old #2 pencil several times, placing the traced side on the fabric, and tracing one more time on the front of the sketch with a ballpoint pen. It's basically DIY graphite paper, which is way less messy than carbon paper.

  5. Um Trashy, er, if it's dark, would it help to turn the lights on?

    Locket xxx

    P.S. ok, helpful suggestion now:
    I can normally see ok to use the aqua pen but if not there is another great way of doing it and that is to use a Sulky transfer pen (Sulky is its name not its temperament by the way).

    You use the pen to trace your image onto paper then "print" your image onto your fabric with a hot iron. Obviously if your picture will be reversed so you may need to trace it through the back of the paper first - if you know what I mean?

    My pens came from America through Ebay but The Cottonpatch near Birmingham had them last time I looked.

  6. Stick a lamp under a glass-topped table. Works every time for me!

  7. As it's dark maybe you should turn the dining room light on and then go outside and do your tracing outdoors against the lit up window?

    Neighbours will KNOW you're bonkers but hey ho :)