Monday, 30 November 2009

Warning. Rant ahead. Bad language to follow. Possibly even falling rocks.

My stupid bastard brother in law has gone back to his life today. I am not sad he has left.

The carpet will no longer be decorated with tiny threads of tobacco from his rollies. Downstairs will no longer stink of cigarettes. My assistant will stop barking hysterically every time he moves and growling the rest of the time just in case he is thinking about moving. My old man dogs will no longer be in fear of their lives.

But I am sad because I think he is a sad man. He is a salutary lesson in how I do not want to be. Some of it is through no fault of his own and some is definitely of his own making. In this week of thanksgiving in the States I spent my weekend giving thanks to the gods and the Fates that my life is not his.

I note as I wrote this it turned out to be less of a rant. And also there was only one swear word. In fact it has gone from a planned debrief about the craziness that is my bastard b-i-l's life and him inflicting it on my house to a recognition of my own good fortune and how I spent the weekend relishing that good fortune. (That and my "joie de vivre" ;-) But by Sunday I was ready to punch him if mentioned one more time how badly fally-down my old man dog had been last Christmas while I was away and how cold it was then and how he had run out of coal for the fire but hadn't asked any of the neighbours where he might buy more! Stupid Bastard.


  1. Mmmm, yes...time spent with family can make us thankful in many different ways ;)

  2. I can't believe he went on about how poorly OMD was when he was supposed to be looking after him. Anyone less stupid or bastardly would have know when to keep their gob shut!!

    I also can't believe you let him smoke downstairs - send the bugger outside in the rain next time...that'll cure his nasty habit...or give him pneumonia...either way....

  3. Love. Love. Love. (Everybody altogether now) All you need is love.....



  4. You're obviously much nicer than me. When my s-i-l comes to stay (rarely) I make her smoke outside. Even if it's raining.

  5. Hmmm, I've obviously misses part of this story, but I can extrapolate. Thank goodness for the end of visits, yes? I love your F&M apron -- is it still nice and sparkly clean???

  6. Stupid B-B-I-L!

    And retrospectively

    1. Yay for Amy Butler

    2. Yay for the fantastic expression on Princess C-Dub's face!

    Locket xxx

  7. gee wiz, you *ARE* a nice woman!!! unless you've sent that whining so-and-so off with poisoned chocs or summat and are waxin' philosophical to divert suspicion when he drops next tuesday. in which case WELL DONE and don't worry, your secret's safe with me!!! :)