Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A Christmas journey

With the festivities over for the first part Bertram decided there was time for a little mystery tour adventure before the hoopla of New Year's Eve so he caught a bus.

Jumping off at Bank he made his way to Liverpool Street station and caught the first train he saw.
Woohoo! Bertram found himself in Salisbury.

It was a bit damp and chilly but he tightened his bow and wandered off to explore.

First stop - Waitrose/John Lewis. Oh the delights that lay instore. Books, bedding, toys and tellys. Cakes, crisps, chardonnay and champers. It was a very pleasant hour wandering around examining just what it is the Brits buy.

Not quite a nice cup of tea but definitely time to stop for drink to boost the energy levels.
Unfortunately the people at the next table were making a terrible racket with that drum and bass noise young folk call music.

On reflection Bertram decided he quite liked this funky sound.

Within seconds he was busting some smokin' moves.
Go funky brown bear, go!


This post today was made possible by the fabulous efforts of my lovely Swapper in Chookyblue's Secret Santa Swap 2009.
Not only did Pam actually make Bertram but she sent me these fabulous handmade delights as well.

A mahoosive bag that held all the loot I scored on Christmas Day. Pam's work is so beautifully pieced I am in awe. And then there was this gorgeous postcard. All made by her own fair hands. So talented.
As well as the three pieces pictured there was a whizzy piece of ric rac, a sweet Christmas ceramic box and nine 6" squares of seasonal fabric. I can't show you these right now because if I wasn't typing this I would be quilting the tablerunner I have made with them. Yay me!!!! Perhaps next post it will all be done and then you can see. If you get a second go visit Pam, she does beautiful work.


  1. Wow - lucky you what fantastic gifts and gorgeous bag!!!

  2. What fab gifts! Bertram is brilliant! Locket xxx

  3. How fun to see your swap gift out on an exciting outing! You're too funny. Happy New Year!!!

  4. Happy New Year Trash thanks for all the laughs & swap pressies this year hope 2010 is great for you & yours...roll on sept you never know maybe we can have a blog picnic??

  5. love the teddy bear and his adventures!

    finally got the right name & password happening here so I can leave comments again! Hurrah!!

  6. Smokin' moves Bertram!

    What fab swap goodies Trashy - especially the gorgeous bag. You lucky thing!


  7. lovely gifts from Pam............thanks for being part of the SSCS.........

  8. oof that reminds me i forgot to say how much i ♥LOVE♥ the donkee tablerunner!!! completely and utterly AWESOME!

    speaking of which, someone **MADE** bertram??!?!??!?! HOLY MACKERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm in awe. seriously. yikes.