Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The real joy in presents.

I can now categorically state that now matter how much I love opening presents I actually love gifting the right something to the right someone even more.

December brings not just Christmas (Santa - Yay!!! Oh okay and some religious connotations but these need to be recognised as pre-Christian in origin. 'K Mama???) but also Sylv's birthday. It was hard enough coming up with a Christmas present for her (oh but we got a cracker!) as well as something to send her husband, Grandad (what happened to it is a whole other post) but then I had to think of a birthday present. As you may recall part of last year's Great Trip Home was to celebrate Sylv attaining the fine age of 'ahem-ty' and quite honestly she has no more need of anything. Please do not misunderstand me there is LOADS she wants (who doesn't??) but what?

Oh the delights of blog-hopping. I found just what I wanted at the delicious and divine Ink & Spindle . Last year Sylv got an uber-whizzy sewing machine, a quilter's delight by all accounts, and the fabulous collaboration between between Sooz and the I&S mob was just begging to be given a test drive. One click quick of the mouse, a brief diversion to Paypal and WHAM!! the gift was on its way.

Through a very crackly line last Sunday I told Sylv to watch out for a parcel from Melbourne, it contained her birthday present. I rang this a.m. to find if it had arrived yet.

"Oh! Was that from you? There was no label or anything but we have had a lovely time at sewing coming up with ideas for an outer fabric."

"Yes, it was from us - Happy Birthday!" (thinking 'I told you it was coming, you shouldn't have opened it yet!')

After explaining who Ink & Spindle were Sylv and I blog-shopped together, ooohing & aaaahing over the beautiful fabric patterns and colours. Choosing one as a favourite and then another. Suggesting, mulling and planning. With 12,000 miles between us (usually) over the last 20 years we haven't spent many hours shopping together so this morning was special. A lovely shared moment which left me feeling a little emotional. Not in a cry-y way but just with a lovely warm glow that I had introduced my mother to this lovely shop and she would get to choose something lovely to celebrate her 'ahem-ty-first' birthday.


  1. What a fab way to spend your morning! I had a similarly lovely afternoon with my mum a few weeks ago where we got to sit and knit and chat for hours without having to rush around doing other things - totally unheard of! Locket xxx

    Locket xxx

    Oh no! I hate to say it, but my word verification is one of my all time worstestest words which would easily be applicable to your post as long as it was preceded with "ahhh..............................."

    Yup, my word verif is "bless"!!!!



  2. How lovely...I need to get my mom more involved in some fabulous hobby like that!

  3. what a lovely post - i bet your mum was soo chuffed!


  4. How fab that your Mum is so clued up on internets that you can take her blog hopping with you!

    Sylv, you rock!!


  5. how lovely...........I am jealous.

  6. Great post Trash. It is a wonderful feeling when you get something "right" in the gift department.