Sunday, 20 December 2009

Two reasons I may keep my girl even as teenagerdom looms.

* Last weekend we were helping the elf bomit Christmas over the hallway, Princess Curly-Wurly was in charge of thumbtack distribution. After several minutes she looked up at me and said
" Ha! I know who I am now." (really? I had no idea there was an existential crisis happening in your young mind. And why is that funny?)
Holding the tinsel in place with one hand I stretched out the other for a tack.
"Oh and who are you?"
Grinning she passed me a pin and said "I'm P-Dub Pin Laden!"

*Friday morning after the alarm went off too early Princess Curly-Wurly, along with my assistant, climbed into our bed. We lay there all warm and snuggled against the bitter cold outside, listening to the radio news. After a few minutes she turned to me and said
"You know what this B.A. strike really is don't you?"
"oh go on, do tell."
"It is the 12 Days OFF Christmas!!"


  1. She sounds fabulously funny! Wonder where she gets it from? ;-)

  2. Like Mother, like daughter or a chip off the old block hey!

  3. Witty girl you've got there! :)

  4. I'd say she's as sharp as that pin she was holding. Bet she makes your home a happy one. Have a great Christmas xx

  5. ...that little apple didn't fall far from the tree...

    have a wonderful Christmas in Trashy Towers.

  6. Oh, I love her, she's going to grow up into someone wonderful (as soon as teenagerdom is out of the way)!!
    Happy Christmas!

  7. With a wit as sharp and funny as that there's no doubting who her fab mum is! Dotty Locket comes out with some funnies too - and like you, it makes me think I may keep her a bit longer after all!

    Locket xxx

  8. Mmmmm... I wonder where she gets it from? Love the BA comment!

  9. Oh! She's a mini-Trashy!

    Merry Christmas dear blog friend. Looking forward to lots more fun next year!!

  10. she's definitelt inherited some of her mum's way with words! Hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year x