Saturday, 5 December 2009

A-Z of things that make me happy. Part 2 of 26.

B is for Boys.

I love watching males of the species ina group.
I love how they laugh. I love their humour, their interaction with each other.
I remember attending mass as a teenager and whilst walking up to receive communion passing the choir (N side of the cathedral) and hearing the boys from the boarding school singing. It was like being hit by a wall of sound. Deep, tenor and bass sounds.
I watched 'The History Boys' last night. Oh how did it take me so long to actually see this? My eye was continually drawn to Jamie Parker. His face, his skin, the way he moved. It was confidence and self-possession. It was texture and shape. I realise it was a character he was portraying but would be more than happy to have my son take him as a role model.
I love watching my boy develop his male friendships. I love that he is still happy to walk hand-in-hand with his dad.


  1. Gorgeous photo Trash. Got to agree with you - men/boys are in a world of their own. I don't understand them - but I find them fascinating.

  2. The History Boys is one of my very favourite films. Funny and touching and just - well, Alan Bennett is a hero of mine, what more can I say?

  3. a lovely post.
    boys need their dads. i love watching my boy with his dad too. there's something special about it.

  4. Great photo Trashy! Haven't seen History Boys yet - might have to rectify that soon. Locket xx

  5. lovely picture - definitely a keeper!! I have one of my two boys holding hands at the seaside when they were very little - they laugh at it now, but i love it!


  6. That's one gorgeous photo of your boys, Trash. I love how my not so little boy still likes to hold my hand, and still lets me hug him when he comes out of school.

    Great post.

    Moogs xx

  7. Thanks for reminding me of what I love about my own boys (they are tetchy with end of school year tiredness atm)

    and mass at Will's school with 1000 boys singing - goosebump stuff

  8. I love this post. Made me smile at my own son and husband. Nice thoughts for the morning. Thanks

  9. *deep sigh* I know exactly what you mean. Most evenings I stop knitting while TBG reads TLG his bedtime stories and sings him to sleep. I'd love to freeze time...

  10. oof missus t...this *MIGHT* be my favorite pic you've everEVEReverrrrrr taken...which is sayin' somethin' b/c you've posted some CRACKERS!!! both in terms of the composition of the photo AND the content! WOW!!! ♥♥♥