Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Finishes Hitlist 2010

As was pointed out to me in the comments of the previous post BIG things are now expected on the finishing front. And to aid me in actually hitting my finish target I have constructed a hitlist.

1. Pink Quilt (begun 2009 with pieces courtesy Emma Scrapbag and Maria) - only binding required.
2.Picnic quilt. top all cut out and 3/4 pieced.
3. Travel quilt. top complete, need to identify and make back.
4. baktus scarf - halfwaythrough and Ihate it. pattern is fine but HATE the wool I am using. It is just yukky colours.
5.Christmas table runner Yay a finish!!
6. Birthday quilt - this is a joint effort but I received my first piece of fabric for it today - yippee!
7. 'Earth tones' and crinkled, buckled heavy linen quilt. 2/3 done, need to find binding and put it all together
8. Two (yes 2) pair of sock - 1/4 of the way there.
9. JeBoDan - knitted tiger. About 1/2 done and am loving him.

Obvbioulsy this list doesn't preclude any bouts of Startitis that may occur but will be pretty happy if in December I can see all of these crossed out. We shall see what eventuates.


  1. woa, thats quite a list - very exciting on the birthday quilt front!!! I'm too afraid to do my list yet - am gearing myself up to it!!


  2. That's a very ambitious list Trashy -- but I know you can do it -- you already have one great finish and it's only 2 weeks into the year!

  3. That's quite a busy list Trashy! The way things are going in Locketland I'll be pleased to get anything done! Me x

  4. Hooray for the sock progress! Your list looks about as daunting as mine - and I've added at least four projects to it since I wrote it.

    Good luck and just think of how cosy you're going to be, snuggled up under all those quilts!!


  5. I don't think I dare make a list of all my unfinished stuff... I've got a sweater still on needles that I must have started 30 years ago. Do you think it will have come back in fashion one day?

  6. My advice is to ditch number 4. If you don;'t love it then it's a waste of time. Just cut your losses and spend your time on things that you DO love.

    My sewing machine is still not working properly. This time next week I'll be back at work and there's 4 quilts that I want to make.... (sob...)

  7. Was the wool expensive for #4??? If not I'm with Frogdancer, get rid of it (would that count as a finish???? LOL). Big list Trashie, but I have every faith in you ;o).
    Joy :o) ... who knit the first row on her first sock 6 months ago and hasn't looked at it since :o/.

  8. they say the first step is to acknowledge you have a problem... and go from there ;-)

  9. i am LOVING the word "startitis"!!! i am prone to SERIOUSLY bad bouts of that!!! :)

    ps: i already find your finish-rate--and scope of projects--MOST impressive...bordering on intimidating, actually. if you get to finishing EVERYTHING i will have to slink away quietly* and cry.

    (*quietly for ME, i mean; let's face it the normal definition of that word is NEVER going to apply in my case!) :)