Friday, 15 January 2010

Help for Haiti (or Second Ever Trash Raffle)

The devastation is so great, the politics so twisted, the situation so desperate.

Every single penny, dime and cent offered to a charity dealing with this horror counts.

Please donate what you can to whichever charity you prefer - Medecins Sans Frontieres, Oxfam, Red Cross & DEC. Choose a charity, an organisation or an individual. Donate through Amazon, Paypal or go into your nearest bank or Post Office. Virtual money transfer or hard cold cash. It will all be used to help someone.

Then come back here and let me know. Send me a receipt from your donation to and I will enter you into the Second Ever Trash Raffle.

I have three bundles of Amy Butler patterns donated and signed by Ms Butler. The raffle is open to everyone, just go and donate then come back here or email me and let me know.


  1. £10 duly donated. Will send a raffle prize from the Stash basket too.

  2. Have donated £15. I'll also send a raffle prize. Will get it sorted asap.

    Grand job, Trashy.


  3. Well done Trashy! Another brilliant fund-raising raffle. Have donated £5 to Oxfam so far and plan more to Medicin Sans Frontiers imminently.

    Locket xx

  4. Just given another £10 to Oxfam (because they have Paypal). L x

  5. A bit late to the party BUT:
    $10 donated to Medicines for Humanity and $10 donated via paypal directly to a nun-ped surgeon who is currently in Haiti (as of Saturday).

    Also, offering a skein of Woolmise - will email a pic to you and then post to the winner from here if that's okay :)

  6. I have donated £10 so far
    C x

  7. i ♥ you missus trash, have i mentioned that lately?! you are not just an amazing artist and a wonderful mother, you are a truly GOOD PERSON!!!

    inspired by your example i have just sent $20 to the red cross, but to the american chapter b/c i suspect the CC companies charge them conversion fees & so forth.