Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Blurry lace!

I opened 'The Cupboard' this weekend and it was brutal.

Once the tears and fainting fits passed I gently began to excavate with the kitchen broom.

There was A LOT of scrappy bits of paper, far more fabric than I remembered buying, pins, elastic, buttons, needles and machine bobbins. Woohoo! Bobbins!! This means I now have more than one. Yay!

There were drawings, books and pens. I found partners to many sad and lonely knitting needles sitting in the library bag. Can anyone remind me when I bought the pattern to the Amy Butler Weekender bag? I read the pattern yesterday over lunch. I am quite a little bit scared of it now. I think it may just be one of those patterns that just sits on the shelf and makes me look competent and capable.

While browsing the stalls with Maria at Ally Pally last year I bought some really fine yarn. In fact I think it is just sewing thread with an angora overcoat. The plan was to make a wide lace scarf. Simple lace you understand. It would be flimsy and fabulous yet warm and wonderful.

(This is not the pattern. But it IS lace. I can't do this one either.)

The pattern asks only simple things - K, K2tog, dbl y/o, P1.

I can do all of those.
I really really can.

But apparently NOT in the same row.

I have now ripped back the blurry lace pattern three times. I think I want to cry.
Do you think this is God's way of telling me I really shouldn't bother with housework???


  1. Oh, you know it is. Get those needles clicking!

  2. No, I think it is God's way of telling you to get all the housework done - then the knitting will seem simple!


  3. It is definitely a sign that you should ignore all housework and practise your knitting.

  4. I suspect that it's a sign that the lace pattern should be practiced in bigger, smoother yarn until it makes sense. I have to draw charts for that sort of thing in any case.

    And isn't everything a sign that the housework should be ignored? ;) That's my position and I'm sticking to it!

  5. Yes, I do think this is God's way of telling you to, um, de-prioritize housework. I'm pretty certain, in fact, because She told me the exact same thing.

  6. Put down the broom, cleaning never ends well.

  7. Forget the housework, knitting - even frustrating knitting - is so much more fun.

  8. You're so funny! It's definitely the housework -- it can't possibly be the knitting. Give it a go again -- but this time don't touch ANY housecleaning implements of ANY kind!

  9. Any housework that results in the unearthing of forgotten knitting is fine.

    It's the housework that only results in dirty pants and dog hair that needs to be ignored.

    You can do it.

    Oh yes you can!


  10. oof, well clearly despite the fact that your readers come from all over the bloomin' world, we are WONDERFULLY consistent--i was planning to say...until 9 ppl beat me to it, "i think it's a fairly obvious sign you need to practice knitting lace, young lady!!!"

    of course, the fact that i'm saying it like a week later than everyone else will probably make such an observation seem fresh & new again, eh?! ;)