Friday, 14 May 2010

Day One survived.

So I am at my brother's now all safe and sound, having been kindly been delivered by the lovely and delicious Jacinta from One Little Acorn and I am just about ready to collopse into bed.

The Cliff Notes version of the day runs like this

* leave Sylv's early a.m. to get to Melbourne, take a wrong turn and detour through Footscray.
* park up at Golden Brother's house and head off to train.
* mooch through town and remember why Melbourne is so fabulous.
* sit in Citigate Hotel foyer chatting with new bloggy friends while sewing on proper brooch fastening to name tag with all kit supplied by the luvverly Susan.
* board bus and head to Amitie.
* receive showbag with surprise giftie from OzFabrics girls inside.
* buy unnecessary pieces of delicious fabric and eat one (or possibly more) piece of lemon slice just freshly iced.
* board bus and head to Patchwork on Central Park.
* look at extremely beautiful fabric but resist temptation of tram stop names panel.
* board bus and head to Ink & Spindle.
* be amazed by clever printy, squeegee wielding women and fabulous articles they create.
* snooze on sofa next to beautiful Bella after scratching her ears and making her yawn.
* board bus and head to Nikki's studio.
* spend evening chatting, drinking, being graffitied by passing Tinniegirls, laughing, taking photographs, posing, knitting and being introduced to even more delicious, delightful, clever, capable and gorgeous blog girlies.
*smash only glass broken all evening.
* be driven through Melbourne's streets in a v.v. triffic iconic small car by the aforementioned gorgeous One Little Acorn.

Wonder what will happen on Day Two of the Inaugural Sew It Together event????


  1. oMG - what a fantastic day - no wonder you are cream crackered!!! I hope you've got a large suitcase for all those goodies!!!


  2. oh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! I've just spent a year writing a fab comment and silly Blogger ate it.

    can' tbe asresed to retpipye t or speliitt right so I'mmm just glaed yo-reee haevinfog a gud tyome.


  3. My, My.. you do pack a lot into a day!

    'Twas lovely to see you and it was jolly nice of you to clean up all that smashed glass.

    Seeya at the Hotel d'Craft today!!

  4. Sounds good Trash - I spent from 10am to 5pm in my front garden and am exhausted.

  5. Oh wow what a day indeed! It was so lovely to finally meet you in person. Who woulda thunk it???
    I can't believe you managed to smash a glass after I left.

  6. Hope Bella didn't mind you scratching her ears. Sounds a strange thing to do to someone in my opinion, but hey ho everyone's different I suppose!


    Me xxx

    P.S. Finally got a really appropriate word verification! "create"!

  7. Hi Trash - what a weekend, so many lovely people to meet and fun things to do. It was so nice to meet you and hang out Friday night and Saturday.
    Thanks so much for the lovely daffodils. They are really lovely and were bright & sunshiny in my kitchen window this afternoon.

  8. awwww maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan! i wanna come!!!!!!!!! even the thought of having to SEW A LOT MORE... (and better!!!) not totally convincing me to amend this wish!!!

    (ps: i'm hopin' "bella" is a pet of some description. otherwise i am pretty sure both ck & myself are jealous!) :) :) :)

  9. ps: a perk to taking me along is you will never be alone on the penultimate cliff note point! :0