Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The Great Bag Debate 2010

We are now well and truly ensconced in the new school year.

Homework is being done, P.E. kit is being organised and leaving on time is becoming established as the norm.

The problem is the school bag. It is a fine school bag, it served several many terms at primary school and was unfailingly, fundamentally good at being a school bag (shown is same same but different bag)But at some point over the Summer 'someone' arbitrarily decided that 'everyone' would be carrying Cath Kidston oilcloth bookbags to school this year. Obviously Pr. C-W did not get that memo nor would it have done her much good as her bag was fine.

Not being completely evil parent I did ask if she was all right w this situation and she said it was ok. She then recounted her conversation w Moriarty's daughter that shows her to a) definitely be the daughter of a woman w an active sewing machine and b) have a fabulous sense of self.

(enter mid-point in discussion about merits of CK bags)
Moriarty's Daughter (and I paraphrase this bit) : Cath Kidston bags are ace and all the best people use them.
Pr.C-W: My mother could make one of those.
MD: But it wouldn't be a Cath Kidston one.
Pr.C-W: She would use CK fabric.
MD: But it wouldn't have a label on it.
Pr. C-W: Yes it would, she has one sitting in the sewing box at home.

So my dilemma is this - the same same but different bag is beginning to show signs of age and bits are starting to fall off and Princess Curly-Wurly has a birthday coming up. Do I buy the ubiquitous CK bag? Do I buy the Paperchase 'Happy Noodle' similar bag? Or do I see if Greengate do something just as lovely but not quite so 'everywhere'?
Voices of the innernets I need your help.


  1. Don't know about the bag question, but I just have to say what a lovely, intelligent, perceptive, confident and articulate young woman you are writing about.
    How'd that happen? Do you suppose her mum had anything to do with it?

  2. Hmmm can I have an easier question? Where was the making option? Me thinks you give her the options, including a mum-made one and let her decide....?

  3. Ahh the bag debate. It ranks up there with the pencil case debate and the lunch box debate. Sometimes I stick to my guns and others I just give in and buy them what they want - it's easier and there are times when I'm a wimp...sigh. Go for the bought bag - easier on your nerves/emotions and you will score some brownie points and at least if its for her birthday you are sovling the problem without visably giving into the blackmail/pressure you will undoubtable endure. Well you will if you daughter is anything like mine...vbg.

  4. Pr C-W saounds lovely, and I only wish I had been as sensible at her age.

    Given that she is so sensible, I might break down and ask what she thinks too - with the option of one you've made thrown in there too (because I bet "everyone" wouldn't be able to tell the difference.)

  5. OK, go back 20 years to when you really wanted to fit in and wanted something that everyone else had.....
    I know it goes against the grain (it does mine just to write this), but she will love you forever. It's all about fitting in.
    My son declared that he wanted black skinny jeans a few weeks ago ('cos a friend had some), well, he needed new jeans, so we bought them and I have to say he has not stopped wearing them (with huge smile on face) and they look great. Who would have thought skinny jeans on an 8 year old!!!!

  6. Bought CK bag for school which leaves time to make something lovely for home where it will be appreciated most.

    And don't ask her what she wants because she is so perceptive that she will tell you that she wants you to make one just because she knows that will make you happy.

  7. At our school kids have all got the same bag with the school logo on it.
    It is a nightmare- they are forever taking home the wrong bags, putting things in the wrong bags and taking things out of the wrong bag. As a result they all hang "dangly" things on their bags to recognises them...kilos and kilos of 'dangly' things....

    None of which is really that relevant is it?

  8. I reckon let the princess choose- I was always allowed to choose- unfortunately I always picked the unusual 'please kick me in the arse' school stuff but I reckon it made me stronger!

  9. I don't know the answer but you do have a mighty fine daughter... but then you know that!

  10. Awww, isn't she fab, that daughter of yours?

    Speaking as the mother of one a bit older, I can only tell you that the pressure to conform to the peer group appears to be more important than anything else right now. I'm obviously hoping that this passes sooner rather than later.

    :) x

  11. I'm torn on this one. On the one hand, I remember being the one kid (I'm sure there were more, but you know...) who didn't have any designer jeans when they first came out let's-not-say-how-many years ago because we were too broke and of course this traumatised me forever... On the other hand, you can't buy what everyone else has every time it changes, which it does frequently and expensively. What you really want in this situation is the next bag - that is, one that is so trendy and funky that it's better than a CK oilcloth bag (and here speaks a woman whose handbag is, I confess, a canvas green spotty CK bag with matching purse - Christmas present last year. But I digress...) - one which will exceed the coolness of the CK bag and indeed set the next trend. Don't ask me what that is, though, as I've not a clue.

  12. You have a fine person there, Trash. I admire her enormously.

  13. I think you should leave that to Pr CW - she's got her head screwed on right!

  14. Apparently, all of Minx's friends in her new class keep asking where she got her 'fab PE bag' and when she tells them her Mum made it they say 'Wow, your Mum must be so cool'. She's nine. I'm not looking forward to the change that takes place once they leave little school.

    I reckon PrCW would secretly love a mum-made bag but the sheer pressure of those peers is unbearably hard to resist.

    Moriarty's daughter evidently has little imagination or individuality. Wondering if she's related to my label obsessed tactless evil s-i-l!


  15. HOLY MOLY, i ♥♥♥ that girl!!! :)

    but oof! that's a toughie! i am thinking that in recognition of her incredible grown-up maturityness, you should perhaps print this blog post, and wrap it up with a bit of bag-buying money, and give *THAT* to PC-W for her birthday, with some other teeny small presents so there is something fun to unwrap. b/c whilst i ABHOR the moriarities of the world (especially as they inflict this sort of thing ON THEIR CHILDREN!!!) it is impossible to ignore the fact that at that age, *SOMETIMES* it really is just easier to fit in, and it's really impossible as adults for us to tell which times those are! (OUTFITS come and go...but the BOOKBAG lasts all year...maybe this is "one of those times"??!)

    the option of ASKING beforehand is good too, but then the surprise is gone...basically i suppose i feel quite strongly that PC-W will know what she wants to do...and her mama will know how to either find out or give her options...and between the two of you, you never go FAR WRONG! ♥♥♥!

    (ps: if moriarity continues to annoy i know where we can find a squirrel HIT MAN should you need his services!) :)