Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Roads are open - Hurrah!

Sadly this means that a rotten bastard 'nasty cold' has been able to ascend the heady heights to Trash Towers.

d/Boy and I have spent the past two days with mahoosive fevers (I say mahoosive but haven't used a thermometer since I was a concientious new mother), achey joints, snotty noses and sore heads. CK and Pr C-W have been extremely fabulous slavies and fed us regularly with medicines, liquids and restorative hot broth. This of course means that both of them will go down with it just in time for Christmas Day.

And what use is that may I ask? Who will cook the Christmas meal then?

Having made the trek over here for the holidays Giovanna & Paolo have been marooned down the hill in a lil' village before making a mercy dash to rescue niece stranded at Heathrow by snow, ice and (ahem) managerial incompetence. This turns out to have been a false alarm as she got a standby flight last night and to the best of my knowledge is now 1/3 of her way back to being on the right continent if not in the correct place.

I am guessing between that and the plague brewing at Trash Towers they are beginning to wish they had stayed at home to enjoy the rain and wind there!

Oh roll on 'The Perfect Christmas'!


  1. I couldn't follow that post entirely but I suspect some of the rambling can be blamed on mahoosive fever.
    Feel better soon!!

  2. Hope all works out well and everyone is lurgy free for Christmas.

  3. Oh rats, we've had the same thing and are also playing the waiting game. I never want to see a thermometer reading 39.7 at midnight again. I really hate alternating paracetamol with ibuprofen and was ready to phone the doc today and make sure I wasn't inflicting liver damage on my elder daughter - but she seems much better now. Just in time for smaller one to start heating up ...

    Really hope you're all clear of it now.

  4. Fever City here too Mrs T ... I think I actually hallucinated last weekend. Not a pleasant experience. Hope you are all hale and hearty very soon, and that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas. x

  5. If there is a bright side then think of this - if you are all sick (and I sincerly hope you aren't) then no one is going to care about Christmas lunch. Sending germ free hugs your way and hoping the kids don't catch it.

  6. Well, Mrs Trashy, I am jolly glad you finished and sent my SSCS pressie before succumbing to the dreaded lurgy; well done you! Do try not to pass it on... and have a Christmas that's as merry and germ-free as possible.

  7. well with Em on one side of me, and hubby onthe other, both sneezing and coughing away, i don't think i have a chance of escaping the dreaded lurgy - knowing my luck, just in time for christmas day! Hope you are all well soon!!