Wednesday, 20 April 2011

**Wanted ** New friends

I have decided I need to get me some new friends.

I mean 'real' friends.

Not you guys. You are my fabulous and wonderful imaginary friends and my life would be way sadder and lonlier and filled with a hell of a lot less laughter had I never found you all.

No I mean those tricksy to track down, real life versions of y'all. Anyone have any clues or suggestions on where or how I might go about finding them.

I live in the middle of nowhere, don't drive a Range Rover, have no real interest in rugby, my hair is neither dyed blonde nor blowdried and haven't worn a size 10 since the age of 18. Conversely I don't do drugs, drink scrumpy, live in an old bus/van or have a love of patchouli or tie-dye. This automatically excludes me from the majority of women with whom I come into contact.

**sigh** Maybe I should post a personals ad? **sigh*


  1. I know where you are coming from. I had to join Spinners and Weavers (an hours drive away) to make new friends. Not an idea situation but at least I had real live women (who are wonderful and amazing by the way) to talk too. A really really good friend said once that you can count the number of close friends (that you can rely on in good times and bad) on just one hand. He is right. Those friends mean more than a roomful of acquaintances who are only concerned with their appearance or the car they drive. Both Ashley and I are lucky that we have that small group friends who support us as much as we support them but it took years to find them and some considerable doubt on my behalf. I am guessing you have tried the usual path of clubs or groups? Although if your town is like mine they are a fairly closed circle and newcomers (even those long standing in the community) aren't welcomed easily. When the right friend comes along you will know each other.
    From this cyber friend to another I'm sending you hugs.

  2. Hahaha. It sounds hopeless to me. I think you should just pack it all in and move to my neighborhood. I don't know any of my neighbors, so we'd be a great pair!

    But seriously, I'm thinking you should join a quilt guild. Or knitting group? Or something like that??? Hopefully, they're available somewhere near you!

  3. Ha. Thank goodness for the internet then.

  4. I know just what you mean.after living here for 4+ yrs I think I have made a friend.We email,we chat on the phone and last week we got invite to their place for lunch!!A HUGE thing and this weekend they are coming here.Its lovely and I am THRILLED to bits with it..hope you find the same thing.

  5. Check your local church. There may be some sort of womens group - knitting, sewing, etc. Worth a look.

  6. that is exactly why I started a blog. NIce people around here ( I am isolated too), but no 'you get me, you are like me...and this could go a long way' kind of friendships. It's lonely.
    I have no solutions.
    I think we end up having different friends- the cup of tea and a laugh friends, the odd catch up but it's good when we do friends, the crafty friends- or that's how it's ended up for me because I don't seem to fit into a 'group'...
    very good luck.
    how far to your nearest regional centre- or slightly populated area? I am sure there is a great friend there waiting to be discovered...

  7. personally I would go with the tie die set least they aren't going to judge you on what you have & drive.....have you googled to see if there are any Bloggers in your area?? Ausrose & myself are off for a sleepover with another blogger near here that we have met..... stitching day then a Jazz gig at night ...might be worth while looking...

  8. Are you sure you aren't living in Australia? You've just described where I live... YUCK. It's like living in the film 'Heathers'. I'm sure they buy their (blonde) hair colour in bulk! *grin*. I'm dying of loneliness in a high density suburb, where the people are only interested in the might $$$ and how frothy their coffee is *sigh*. Thank God for the internet!!! hope you find someone soon, toni xxx

  9. *giggle* I think you are in Oz... for some reason I ALWAYS place you in the UK! toni xxx

  10. Well....move back to Australia. We'd all love to be your 'real friends'....but might not like us in person!