Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Sylv needs your help!!

This is my mother's latest quilt.

As always stunning and, despite what she would have you believe, beautifully crafted.

While my initial response was 'What an ace quilt for a little girl' and 'Ooo! I recognise that fabric!!This one is actually going to her god-daughter, a woman older even than I.

The problem is the binding.

She can't decide whether to go with the olive green or a slightly more lively (and seemingly patterned) orange. What so you think?



  1. Orange. It will frame it nicely. Of course feel free as always to ignore my suggestion....lol.

  2. Oooh, it's beautiful! The green is the nice stable way to go -- the orange is the bold way. What "feel" do you prefer? I like them both! ;-)

  3. I'm with the previous 2 commenters. Both would work. (Sorry!)
    But you can tell Sylv from me that she is a quilty legend!! What a stunning piece of work.

  4. Live dangerously, go the orange Sylv!

  5. Wait a moment...ARE there people who are actually older than you?

    ps: orange all the way!

  6. Ok, this isn't an original suggestion but I say orange definitely!