Monday, 11 July 2011

CK's birthday plans. Any hints?

In two weeks CK is hitting a BIG birthday. To celebrate the four of us are going to have two nights in London while someone looks after the dogs.

This weekend he asked me what we were going to do. What? Apparently part of his present is that I organise the intinerary - GULP?!?!?!?

The first day isn't so bad as it involves travel and then mooching through Science and Natual History Museums. Unsure about things to do once they close though.

Then on the birthday itself I am thinking touristing through Central London before lunch at Wahaca followed by a walk down Whitehall and then on to the riverside.

But the details are eluding me. Blogworld I am asking for suggestions about what you would want to do if you were spending three days being a tourist in London?


  1. Hmmmm... let's see. For me it's all about the 'Only in London' things. Lots of walking, squirrels, red dd buses, the Natural History Museum, Speakers Corner, Camden Market (if you're there on a Sunday) Trafalgar Square, National Gallery. And then there are the hidden treasures, the faves. Sir John Soane's Museum... Kew Gardens... Richmond pub by the Thames.
    Oh and a great show is "The Woman in Black". Really good, and it's still showing after 15+ years. Cheap tickets should be available.
    That's a start.
    Definitely have to catch up when I am over there Trash.

  2. Hi, This time of year you've got to go to Covent Garden - treat yourself to a coffe and watch the world go by. Street entertainers on every corner, marvellous shops and a brilliant market-might be antique or craft (I rarely buy anything but it gives you great inspiration!) Plus theres a great pizzeria in Neal's Yard - intimately small but again you can sit outside and watch the world and his dog. Enjoy your trip!!

  3. I'm sure he'd love a mooch around Loop, Liberty and Fortnums! Or not.

    How about a ride on the London Eye and a Thames riverboat trip? Or there's the Tower of London, or a horticultural day out at Kew?


  4. Definitely try and do the London Eye .... we loved it!!!
    Have fun!!!!!!
    Joy ;o)

  5. Well, I would say the V&A, but that might not be hubby's idea of a good time. My hubs just said yesterday that when we go back to London we're going to go on the Eye. Missed it last time and we were sorry. I hope you have a wonderful time!

  6. Yay for Wahaca - awesome food to be had there!

    If you need a beer you can do worse than Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese on Fleet Street which has 15th Century vaults that go down around three floors (though make sure you get there before about 5pm, and it's not for the claustrophobic).

    I would also say a play at the Globe is a great thing to do, as is a walk along the South bank.

    In my humble opinion the Eye isn't worth it unless you can find a voucher. It's half an hour and you can get very similar views for free (and a drink) at the top of the Oxo Tower.

    Personally I love Highgate Cemetary - I know it sounds morbid, but it is absolutely fascinating and not morbid at all. Check the opening times to the mausoleum thingy though because it isn't open very much. Plus there is a huge park nearby with a tea-room and nice gardens. So you could easily spend a couple hours there.

  7. i was gonna suggest covent garden - nice italian there - restaurants i mean!! Also Camden market on the sunday - its a real experience!
    How about tea at the Ritz! Closely followed by a visit to Loop and Liberty's (well actually that bit's my dream!!!)


  9. We plan to go in August. Hubby - science museum, Me - the V&A and Sophie wants to see everything!!
    An open top bus journey is a good one. We did that when we had visiting teachers form Kenya and had a day to do as much as possible!
    I enjoyed the Tower of London when I was a kid as well.

  10. My first visit to your blog, found you through ALQS, my suggestions would be the Docklands Museum (west india quay)its free and there is a Pirates Exhibition on at the moment (which you have to pay for), there are lots of cafes and restaurants at Canary Wharf too, you could include it in a river trip if you want. I wouldn't bother with Camden, try Spitalfields market on the Sunday, leave the London Eye for an evening, the other thing to do in the evening is the Jack the Ripper tour it starts by Tower Hill Station but be careful of fakes, I recommend a bit of research before you go. If you went to the design museum on the southbank you could walk up to borough market(not open on sundays), there's lots of interesting things around that area, there's the Anchor pub or there's the George Inn by London bridge built in 1676, if you carried walking along the south bank you'll pass the Globe and eventually the London eye. Hope you have a fantastic time and the weather is good for walking, also don't forget the parks in London are free and spectacular. Sorry if I've gone on a bit.