Monday, 4 July 2011

Mood shift noted

Last night I was sitting quietly on the couch, scrolling through Pinterest and letting slip the occasional giggle. CK looked across at me and "You're starting to get excited about 'The Kitchen' again."

"Huh?" (flick, pin, click, type, pin, click, flick.)

"You are looking at interiors and designs for the new space again. You haven't done that for a few months since things started getting bogged down with planning."

Well I suppose I haven't been but then I hadn't really understood 'Pinterest' until recently either.
I have a board just for kitchen ideas if you wanna look. Just click here .


  1. I knew there was a lot more to Pinterest than pretty pictures - it's a practical planning tool for the discerning kitchen purchaser ;o)

  2. i dare not look at pinterest - have enough trouble coping with blogger!


  3. I think because you posted something on Facebook about Pinterest I decided to take a look.

    And am now addicted.

  4. Having recently done our kitchen, here are my tips for 'must haves':
    - storage drawers in the kicker boards. Why waste good storage opportunities?
    - soft closing drawers. Love em!! And they are stronger and last longer!! Especially for drawers with heavy stuff like big pots. Or crockery.
    - A drawer insert for your spices right next to the stove. Like this one:
    - Appliance cupboard with a roller door! Now you see the toaster, mixer, mess, etc. Now you DON'T!!
    - At least 1 pull out pantry unit: I have one with an additional normal cupboard (double) for all non-fridge food.
    - Lots of deep drawers for your pots and, basically, for everything. SO much easier than cupboards.

    You can see our kitchen reno here:

    All questions happily answered in between school holiday kid wrangling and general domestic goddessness.

  5. YAY for Pinterest! And can I just say how much fun I've had seeing what you pin -- you crack me up every night -- thanks for being there for me LOL!