Sunday, 17 July 2011

Something that gives me hope.

(Having made an origami waterbomb the trick was to fill and launch it before her brother's suspiscions were aroused.)

With the school year only a week away from its end we all mooched around the house yesterday in various states of exhasution and done-inness.

Princess C-W was regaling me with stories from her week - who she spoke with, who was uncool right now, whether she preferred being a 'history boff' or a 'science nerd' and the general social interactions that go in in a mixed sex school (something waaaay outside my own academic experience).

"Yah so, anyway, Miranda Blaggleshorn has been going out with Adrian Scumswiggle for three months now and she STILL hasn't told her mother!"

The surprise in her voice was palpable. Long may she consider it completely normal to share all headline information with her mother.

Of course, I know I can live without hearing the details.


  1. That is great that she still talks with you!

    Hey, I learned something new here today! My son made those origami boxes for years and I never knew they could be used as water bombs.

  2. Long may those chats continue.

    I know I would be heartbroken if Margot ever stopped with me.

  3. I love that. I've had moments of being amzed at how good my children actually are and feeling a touch proud of being their parent. I hope your feeling that pride too. Cherrie

  4. absolutely don't want the details! trust me!!


  5. origami waterbombs.
    been there. done that. and had a garden full of "exploded" bombs all over the garden...and a few in the neighbors yard.
    fun times.

    i sometimes envy those friends who have daughters....there's a special bond you have. oh, my sons and i have one, but it's a bit different. ;-)