Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Ominous crashing sounds

Was sitting here browsing online patterns for bag daughter might take to Paris in 10 days  ' being an 'on the ball building project manager' and cross referencing builder's measurements with joinery quote when suddenly there was some aggressive tapping sounds followed by grainy tumbling noises. These were quickly drowned out by the ominous crashing sound of bricks from my back wall falling to the ground.

My actual back wall. That is, the wall that will stop Thursday's predicted rain from blowing into the space which is currently, temporarily, home to my kitchen.

The tapping continues intermittently as does the grainy tumbling noise. I cross my fingers the ominous crashing is finished.

Bloody stupid Blogger. I wrote this yesterday. There are no builders breaking through here at my house at 11.33 pm.


  1. I heard tapping here today. No one at the door. I even went outside to check. It was either woodpeckers or poltergeists.

  2. Spooky. Something tapped here too and Merlin Moog and I jumped out of our skins!

    Good luck with the breaking through :o)


  3. oh my goodness I LOVE your wit! Popping over to say HELLO from Blogtoberfest.