Friday, 30 March 2012

The dogs in my life.

I took both dogs out this morning, we walked around the bottom of The Hill and then back up to the top. This is how my big black dog has spent the rest of the day since.
 There is supposed to be a really tall kitchen cupboard in this spot next to the fridge but said black dog claimed it the first day we moved into the finished kitchen so we are figuring out a way to build around him!

One of my lovely neighbours gave us some very sweet egg cups as a kitchen warming present last Saturday. They have crowns, bunting, the year 2012 and two corgis rampant on them so we may always remember the year we finished building. 

This is the 'Thank You' card we gave her.
 Other than his wonky back foot I was very pleased with the way it turned out. I especially like the little fobwatch chain.

And finally some historical footage of My Assistant in a nearly empty kitchen. Within a couple of days she had figured out how not to slide so much, the game became less fun for us watchers.



  1. All your dogs are fabulous. Now was that historical footage or hysterical footage???

  2. Ohh love it. Same thing happens here on the tile floors. Watching a red heeler narrowly miss hitting walls and door way as she chases the cat is hilarious. Give your gorgeous puppies a cuddle for me.

  3. What cute dogs you have Trash! I sure miss having a dog. Is your kitchen close to being finished?

  4. aren't wooden floors great - they always end up sliding way past what they are after! xxx