Sunday, 6 May 2012

Making, dogs and making dogs.

Starting with the 'making'.This is my Fat Quarterly 2012 nametag for my secret partner. 26 Days til kickoff. Aaaaaak!! And then the piece I made for Jenny as part of her 'Kistch 2012' swap. TG she forgave its tardiness.

Then there was 'dogs'. My big black dog has taken to very loudly saving the world from the wood pigeons and collared doves which have taken up residence in ours and surrounding gardens this Spring. I watched him standing out in the gale-force winds for 20 minutes the other day.

 Can you see what he is staring at?
Stupid bloody pigeonydove bird.

And finally there is the 'making dogs' bit. I gave My Assistant a haircut last week and turns out you can get TWO dogs from one clipping session!


  1. Hee hee - daft old boy :o) That's a very Moog thing to do.

    Minx has just peered over my shoulder at your little woolly dogs and said 'Whose are thos dogs? Are they scotties?'.


  2. love the stitching! At least you can see what your dog is barking at, Lil just looks at nothing and barks! xxxx

  3. If I'd saved all the cat hair, I could make a few extra too.