Thursday, 8 November 2012

Where the fault truly lies.

Dear blog,

it isn't you. No, really. It isn't me either. We have been without a proper computer for nearly nine weeks and I have been using CK's tablet and quite frankly I hate it. And I think it hates me.

It won't upload the photos I ask it to, it skips spaces, replaces letters and removes words altogether sometimes. So dear blog you are not forgotten. I have tried on several occasions to share pictures from Scotland, My Assistant's new haircut and a little of the craftiness that has been going on but I can't. One day though blog, one day...


  1. My apple devices hate blogger.

  2. And when that day comes, we'll be waiting. I can't wait to see pictures from Scotland (you know, my little obsession) so please don't forget them!

  3. Grrr..... Nothing more annoying than when you have something to say and you are not able!

  4. I find blogger enough of a challenge these days without the technology getting in the way! Hope you're soon re-equipped and back to full blogging capacity - your absence had been noted ;o)


  5. I know what Santa needs to bring you for Christmas!! If you can wait that long!