Wednesday, 15 May 2013

So, turns out we have had Summer.

Monday week ago was a Bank Holiday ("long weekend" in Australian). It was fabulously super warm and we went to a friend's place for lunch. The weather was fabulous that it was a case of sunhats and sunscreen all around.
DestructoBoy, My Assistant and I walked the two and half miles there because it was such a lovely day and it was downhill. Spring was busy Springing herself wildly about all over the place. Birds twitterpating, lambs resting whatever shade they could find and My Assistant going out of her tiny terrier mind at the all the fabulous deep countryside smells she could sniff.
This lovely old farm building was so shocked at the glorious sunshine and warmth it began to crack up!
However, that was it. That was Summer 2013. We are back to coats and hats and woolly gloves to fight off the bitter chill that has come back to get us. **sigh**


  1. How did I get so lucky to have my vacation during the lovely weather?

  2. Haha sounds like you weather has been like ours. Take heart - warm weather is on the way. Beautiful pic!

  3. Please please please let summer happen!!!!

  4. I have to say, Arizona has never looked more attractive.....

  5. At least you had 1 day. It was gloriously sunny on Wednesday this week when Ric Rac and I played in her garden...come home for another visit!