Monday, 9 September 2013

Beachy Birthday Goodness

I know that I have already put these up on other social media and you are probably all sick of them but man alive! My boy rocked that whole learning to surf thing.
His special birthday event was to have a surfing lesson with a couple of mates followed by a sleepover. He picked the perfect dynamic, both competitive but not in an aggressive way so all three fired off each other without actually ramping it up to Level Stupid. 
The weather was perfect, sun, fast choppy waves and 1-2 foot swell. CK told me in his car on the way home he heard the words "Best Birthday Ever." uttered.


  1. And the smile on the last pic says it all. Winner.
    "Best Birthday Ever!" Love it.

  2. Must be the Aussie coming out in him! Happy Birthday!

  3. That is a great birthday treat idea! Should think about that for my January birthday boy. Happy birthday to him.

  4. Hooray for that perfect summer! What a brilliant idea for a birthday party, I am glad it all went well. XX