Monday, 18 November 2013

Mega- Hedgesnogs of the Internet OR How i love a challenge...

So the other week the everso talented and clever Julie over at Little Cotton Rabbits wrote a post all about her knitted hedgesnogs.  How different yarn thickness and needle sizes change the size of the finished hedgesnog. She mentioned how it would be rather fabulous to make one big enough to be a footstool or pouffe. I happen to have 25mm needles. The game was on.
I swooped into the crafty jumble sale that took place last weekend and cleaned them out of brown and cream yarn

It was proper jumble where the local old Grannies had turned out their craft cupboards, finding years of hidden goodness. Some of it not even 100% acrylic!

So I set to with my thread of uber-yarniness and little by little,

day by day I slowly growed a hedgesnog.
It got bigger and bigger
and it growed so much this week that I even got to change colour and begin the decreases in the face section.

 Until just after 10:30 tonight I wrestled the final stitch off the needle and can proudly say -

I have made a mega-LittleCottonRabbits Hedgesnog.
Watch this space, I have hopes of actually figuring out how to get it sewn up very soon...


  1. Cutest little hedgesnog I ever did see xx

  2. You are toooo funny! I can't wait to see this big hedgehog finished with your feet propped upon it!

  3. Brilliant! A wonderfully hefty hedgie if ever there was one and he definitely holds the record for the largest one! Thanks for stepping up to the challenge and showing it can be done :)